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The "X" ZONE RADIO SHOW With Rob McConnell

Monday-Friday Overnights from 10:00PM-6:00AM (Indiana Time Zone)

"Welcome to The 'X' Zone - a place where fact is fiction and fiction is reality... a place where people Dare to Believe and Dare to be Heard!"

Join us to discuss UFOs, Alien Abductions, Alien Implants, Ghosts, Hauntings, Poltergeists, Government and Conspiracy Theories, New World Order, Psychic Phenomena, Astrology, Atlantis,The Theological Connection, Metaphysical Frauds, Psychic Impostors and so-called Ancient Remedies, Cures and Philosophies. All Star Guests and Great Discussion Hosted By Rob McConnell.

McConnell has worked both in front of and behind the camera on the popular TV Show "Creepy Canada" as a consultant to the producers and appears as an expert in Parapsychology on the upcoming paranormal reality TV show "Proof" being produced in Canada. Mr. McConnell has appeared numerous times on the popular Art Bell Network Show in the USA. McConnell has been referred to by the press as the Canadian Art Bell. Some of features to be heard on The "X" Zone Radio Show will include "Korffs Corner" with Kal Korff, European Bureau Chief of The 'X' Zone Radio Show, who reports from Czechoslovakia and The Hickman Report with Jim Hickman and his StarBlazer Reports.

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