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Rupert's Visit To Noblesville

To Hear the Interviews and Presentation, click on the file below the appropriate photo or go to Mary's Menagerie Page, By Clicking Here:  CLICK TO LISTEN

Rupert Does Noblesville!!
Rupert Speaks to The Students and Faculty of Noblesville Intermediate School

LISTEN to the speech
Rupert Does Noblesville!!
Hannah Commenville and Demi Pappas Coordinated the Visit and Fundraiser Efforts for Rupert's Kid's
NIS Donated $1000.00!!

LISTEN to the interview
Rupert Does Noblesville! Dane Monks Meets the Survivor Star!
Dane Get's To Meet Rupert
Rupert Does Noblesville! Jeff Bragg get's with the spirit!
Principle Jeff Bragg Even Sported a Unique Tie In Honor of Ruperts Visit
Rupert Does Noblesville! Deb Atwell with Rupert and his Mom!
Deb Atwell Was Interviewed with Rupert at The Monks Media Studios Discussing Her and Rupert's Organizations to Help Kids

LISTEN to The Show and Interviews HERE
Rupert Boneham at the Monks Media Radio Network Studios
Rupert In The Monks Media Studios
Rupert Does Noblesville!!
Rupert and His Mother at The Studios
Rupert Does Noblesville!!
Rupert with our Secret Hostess-Mary "Q" Public
Rupert Does Noblesville!!
Principle Bragg Discusses the Visit with Mary

LISTEN to the interview
Rupert Boneham and Matteo DiRossa
MonksMedia Sponsor and Our Favorite Chef (And show Host-"Buon Appetito")!! Matteo DiRossa Greets Rupert During Lunch At Matteo's Italian Restaurant, Below Monks Media Studios!

Monks Media Radio Network
44 North 9th Street - Noblesville, IN 46060
Office: 317.565.1392

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