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Lt. Tony Craig and Cara Culp welcomed Guests: Marge Cox, MediaServices Director of Noblesville Schools and Principle Bob McDaniel of Stony Creek Elementary.

Marge Cox discussed the One Book-One Community Program being sponsorered by Noblesville Schools, The Hamilton East Public Library and the City of Noblesville. The program features a book "A WALK IN THE WOODS" by Bill Bryson and culminates witha Celebration Finale April 29, 2006 at Forest Park. For More Info, Contact Marge Cox (EMAIL HERE) Then be sure to get to the Library and check out Mr. Bryson's book, "A WALK IN THE WOODS"!

Principle McDaniel disucssed The Stony Creek Elementary School, its Carnival: "MUSTANG ROUNDUP" The Young Authors book presentation and the 14th Annual Breakfast with Champions being held March 18from 7:30-9:30AM.

Principle McDaniel can be contacted via email atHERE For More information about these programs or to get general information about Stony Creek Elementary/

City Hall Radio Show With Tony Craig and Cara Culp
March 10, 2006

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