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Thank you for visiting our pages. We would love it if you would Add to this guestbook we are keeping!.

What a wonderful program with Our Lady of Grace School and kids! I loved the interviews with the children, "hand jive", and interviews. A wonderful example of helping the local community and having a positive influence in the community. Thank you!
Jim Pedzinski
Arcadia, IN
Mary Ann & Sean!
Gracias so much for the Hazel love on your show Tuesday! Really appreciated your spreading the magic and mentioning all the many new happenings at Hazeldom! It truly is a "Beautiful Thing"! Looking forward to your next show! Kudos on your internet radio show! :O)

Much Love and Gratitude,
I want to post something regarding both Michael Waltrip fan club shows because I enjoyed them very much and don't want to let all of Richards hard work to go unnoticed. Thank you for allowing Michael Waltrip fans to have their own show to discuss all things Mikey, where we can go to complain about the bad and celebrate the good things that happen each week. Having Richard as our host is the icing on the cake and I look forward to Wednesday nights each week.
Debi Keen
Novato, California
So: Monks media is growin over here in Iraq and i wanted to let you guys know that... I am a friend of Jeff and the family and just wanted to say hi and thanks for the Music... Its keeping some of us sane (ha ha). Also, the 21st combat support batallion and 886th ESFS says HOLLA !! and to play more and more....
Thank you very much

A1C Robert M. Chew
Richards Mikey show just keeps getting better every week. Thanx for giving us a place to listen to GOOD Nascar Radio.
John Seidelman Oswego, IL USA -
I Just got to listen to Richard show for this week, loved it as usual!! Thanks so much for doing this everyone.
Susie Blakely
anniston, Al USA -
One of my friends told me about the Gordon show and I loved listening to it last night. I was trying to call in with a question and couldn't get through. Then my friend told me this morning it was because the producer left the phone off the hook for the whole show! That's ridiculous! You need to hire somebody more qualified to run the phones! We want more Jeff Gordon radio!!!!!
Rockford , IL USA -

**NOTE FROM MONKS MEDIA: The phone lines were open and working all night. In future shows, the Host will be on the line we assigned and the regular studio line will be THE call in line: 317-565-1392... Try again next week, please. With a 1/2 hour show, many will not get through, but we all appreciate you trying.

I liked the Jeff Gordon program last night but I was sorry I couldn't get through on the phone. It needs to be a longer show so more of us can call in!
Loved the Fire and Flames Brigade show with Larry tonight. Terrific!! Only problem was I couldn't make it through on the phone lines, it was busy for the whole 1/2 hour. Keep up the great work and looking forward to next weeks show!!!!
Lancaster, PA USA -
Looking forward to Larry's Jeff Gordon show!!!
Ocean, NJ USA -
I want to hear the "Fire and Flames Brigade" on Tuesday nights.
D'Town, PA USA -
Once again, another great Monday night show. Sean, Mary Ann and Toni always do a great job. Thanks gals and guy! LOL John

Independence, MO USA -
Great show Mary Ann and Sean on Monday night.
Independence, MO USA -
Loved the streaming updates on the CB Prostocks. Thanks, so is there a new host for the live show?
Sacramento, CA USA-
I can't wait until the 22nd to listen to the new Fire & Flames show! Jeff Gordon rocks!
Manorville, NY USA -
I wanna hear the Fire & Flames Brigade!!!!!!!!
Just waiting to hear the Jeff Gordon "Fire & Flames Brigade".
I look forward to the Fire & Flames Brigade show on tuesday. It should be awesome.
Hermon, ME USA -
I would like to hear Fire & flames.
Celina, OH USA -
Can't wait for the new Gordon show on Tuesday nights! I'll be listening!
Jo Koster
Rock Hill, SC USA -
I love Monks Media!!!! Especially Richards Michael Waltrip show!!! Keep up the good work!!
Sheboygan Falls, Wi USA -
Can't wait to hear the "Fire and Flames Brigade"!
Madison, AL USA -
Looking forward to the new Fire and Flames Brigade show!
High Point, NC USA -
Looking forward to hearing the Fire & Flames Brigade" on Tuesday nights!!!!!
Hainesport, NJ USA -
I think Gordon fans are going to love the fire & flames show :-)
Boca Raton, FL USA -
Just wanted to say that I am so looking forward to hearing the Fire & Flames Brigade on Tuesday nights.
Lancaster, PA USA -
Can't wait to hear "Fire & Flames Brigade" on Tuesday nights!
I am looking foward to the fire and flames brigade!!!
Dawn Sinkiwskij
Lawrence, NY USA -
Larry is a great friend of mine and a wonderful person! I absolutely cannot wait for his Fire & Flames Brigade show! ALL Jeff Gordon!! How can this NOT be the best radio show on the net?? Larry and Jeff?? Cant be beat!!!!!!!!!
Spring, TX USA -
Thanks for airing Ricks Show I look forward to Wednesday every week.Rick does a awesome job and a big Thanks to Monks Radio Network.
Leslie Eaton
Addison, Michigan USA -
We now have a reason to look forward to Wednesdays!! Richard's Mikey Hour is getting better every week!!! A big thank you to MonksMedia for making it happen and to Richard for all you do for us Mikey fans!!!
Thank you to Monks Media & Richard for another great Wednesday night Mikey hour. It's a great place to cry in our beer or celebrate something great at Michael Waltrip Racing each week. Hopefully this week will be a celebration! Thanks again!!!
Novato, CA USA -
Love the show. Look forward to Richard's show about Mikey every week.
Jeannie Rush
Greenwood, AR USA -
Thanks to monksmedia for giving Richard the airtime..its so way cheaper than thereapy :)
f00lhardt and Pigpen
Reading, PA USA -
The extended broadcast of the Professor and MaryAnn on Aug 7, 2006 was perfect. Hot topics need more air time. And the Allstate 400 was a HOT HOT topic.
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
I'm on vacation in the middle of nowhere & my internet & cell phone coverage is iffy but I was still able to hear some of Richard's Wed. night show. It's great to know that I can still get my Mikey fix on an off week of racing, far from home. Good job Richard! Thanks for taking my calls Sean!
Topaz, NV USA -
Another great show, Richard! Thanks, Monks Media for giving the fans of Mikey an outlet!
I love Richards show on Wednesday nights, can't wait for the next one!
Debbie Blakely
Anniston, Al USA -
Great job, Richard! Enjoyed your Mikey show.
Council Bluffs, IA USA -
Good on you Rick, outstanding show. Glad to tune into the radio and hear some real racing insight and positives about the racing Waltrip brothers. Keep up the excellent work.
San DOg, CA USA -
Enjoyed the show Rick. Keep up the good work.
Selma, AL USA -
Thanks the author for this site! Has very much liked! With the best regards
Tom Hughes SamantA
New York, USA -
I really enjoyed the new show about Michael Waltrip! Thanks for giving this great driver the airtime he deserves, and his fans a chance to discuss the exciting future of Michael Waltrip Racing. The show was fun and informative, and Richard did a great job, as usual. Looking forward to future shows, with maybe some "special guests!"
Thanks for the airtime for the Waltrip fanclub. Rick is a character. We had a ball despite our rookie technical difficulties. I can see this show gaining some ground because there were quite a few people that didnt know it was going to be on..and we didnt put out the word to other forums in the Nascar enthusiast World...yet! Cool website BTW. Ill have to check out some other shows.

Kristen aka f00l-
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Rick's Michael Waltrip show last night. Good go for Jeff and Rick.
Don King
Selma, AL USA -
Great Job Rick! Cant wait til next week, until then I will have to check out the other shows on the site.
Reading, PA USA -
Congratulations on your new show Richard...Great Job the show was awesome and the listener participation was fantastic...Wish you luck and many more shows to come!
Mary Ann
Noblesville, IN USA --
great show
Noblesville, IN USA - -
Listened to Ricks new show tonight about Michael Waltrip and Loved It.Had a few problems getting the IM fixed but look forward to next week. It's great to have this kind of programing out here for us race fans. Thanx For The Show
John Seidelman
Oswego, IL USA -
Loved it! can't wait for the next show!
Anniston, Al USA --
Tonight's Michael Waltrip show was great! Richard did a fantastic job and I look forward to making this a Wednesday night ritual. Go Mikey!!!
I enjoyed listening to the 80's show! Good Tunes!
Maysville, NC USA -
Keep up the great work !!! I love your 80's show !!!
Richlands, NC USA -
Please don't let Sean sing anymore. That was HORRIBLE.
Thanks for the great radio show. I enjoyed hearing from some of my favorite Survivor stars on the Hash Bash Radio show! Also, I love BobDog's new song. Keep up the good work.
Ankeny, IA USA -
Hashbash Gang on June 24th. If it is Sean SNAFU Cole, does that mean that Jeff FUBAR Monk owns the station. You guys and MaryAnn are great. I love it.
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
you rule!
Monday night's Professor & MaryAnn was entertaining. I really look forward to Richard's Reaction returning because he really adds a lot to the show! Keep up the great work!
Hi Fantastic design! Good work Bye

Chicago, USA -
Heh.. Where is here some web gallery about site creators? I'm need it. I'm really have seen it here. Good luck!
NewYork, USA -
Ok, So I get this email reminder for me to listen in on a new format. I've been listening to it for about 2 hours now. I like what I hear. Personally I like Rock and roll from the 60's and 70's but I do listen to just about all kinds of music. Whatever ya'll are using for a rule of format......keep it up. It is better than what I have tuned into before.
Independence, MO USA -
Hi Keep On! Really good!
LA, usa -
What a great vw radio station ! Greets from a bunch vw Freaks in Maastricht Europe The netherlands check out ore website
Keverclub Maastricht !
Maastricht, limburg europe -
Hey guys ! I'm doing this for the sponsor's ake. You all know I listen to several of your live shows each week. I love to listen to the NASCAR show. Sean and Mary Ann both know I could chat all night about racing. Good side or bad side of it. Saturday night shows are a blast. And I have even been listening in on the Kidz shows here in the past few weeks. I may not participate in the shows but I find them entertaining to say the least. Jeff? You have done a great job in the past 2 years. Happy birthday to you and the whole crew. Ya'll do an awesome job each and every time.
Independence, MO USA -
Awesome show tonight! Way to go Kasey yesterday winning the race! Everyone I work with was super excited about it!! Can't wait for win number 5!!
Delano, MN USA -
Dear Monks media, I am very much enjoying the Volksbash radio show, keep up the good work. Keith, wales UK.
keith usher
swansea, wales -
hey guys i love monksmedia and i love all of the shows especially kathleen and baylies show THEY ARE AWSEOME!! I <3 monksmedia!
Devin Desin
Chicago, IL USA -
Hey Katie and Ashley had a great show yesterday! They are AWSOME!!! listen!
Noblesville, IN USA -
Hey Jeff. Hope all is well there. Hope everyone is doing good. I cant wait to see you all hopefully sometime soon!!! I miss you all so very much!!! well i love the new layout!! it is so hawt!! lol ~Nikki~
Nikki Brand
Munster, Indiana USA -
Great Kidz Radio today., Baily and Kathleen are a good duo!
john V.
noblesville, in USA -
May 22, 2006. Another great show by the Professor and MaryAnn with Toni. But we really need an expanded Timeslot. How about starting us a half-hour early for a while. Get Well Soon Jeff.
Richard Russell
Halifax, N.S. Canada -
Iam a first timer. This is great . Keep up the good work. Your $1 .00 is in the mail .
Sullivan , Mo USA -
It is great being able to keep up with the races in Indiana.
Fort Worth, TX USA -
I couldn't attend the race tonight at Bloomington because I have to get up early to go to Pole Day at Indy tomorrow. I am enjoying your coverage down here in Evansville. Almost, but not quite, as good as being there. Keep up the good work!
Ronald Miller
Evansville, IN USA -
WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RACIN!! Thanks for everything you do Monks!!!! Fred Zirzow
Fred Zirzow
Greenfield, wi USA -
The live webcast of the Open Wheel Racing in Indiana is great, D.O. and the gang do a wondeful job. Thanks and keep up the good work
Orlando , FL USA -
Mary Ann
Noblesville, IN USA -
I think the $1.00 a month is an awesome idea. I am a monthly sponsor of the racing programming with Gateway Mortgage and I am also going to send my dollar in as well. Have a good one and keep up the good hard work. For all of you listeners. If you like the programming here on Monks Media tell your favorite establishments about it and have them get a hold of Jeff at the station at 317-565-1392 to learn how cheap it would be to become a marketing partner with Monks Media and show their support for what their audience likes to listen to. Just my two cents.
Chad Orr
Pendleton, IN USA -
My $1 is on the way too! I love the coverage you have provided us for High School Sports and want to see it continue! Hope that all the listeners help in this effort. Steven Ft. Wayne, IN
Steven Sarkey
Ft. Wayne, IN USA -
5/15/06 I’ve noticed reading the Guestbook that there are a lot of listeners from out of state and from around the world. It appears that the majority listen to the racing broadcasts and to “The Professor & Mary Ann”. Monks Media has been providing a service to the communities, the schools, and to our youth for a fee of………….FREE. He pays his staff and has very little financial help. I’ve been a frequent listener and have a son that has been given an opportunity to learn broadcasting at this station at a cost of………FREE, how many opportunities are there out there for anyone much less a teenager to learn this trade as well as listen to all the great programs that Monks Media has produced, I can’t think of any. I’m sure this trend will not continue as a FREE station if sponsors don’t come forward or as a listener we do not contribute in some way. I am challenging you all that enjoy this station to send just $1.00 to help defray costs and keep this a free station for all to be able to enjoy for many years to come. My $1.00 is on it’s way, I hope those of you that also enjoy the use of Monks Media do the same to keep them on the air.
Sam Kerro
Westfield, IN USA -
Love monks media...the only way I can get live indiana open wheel racing!!! Thanks for everything... Fred Zirzow
Fred Zirzow
Greenfield, wi USA -
I am digging the pinks radio. When is the 5/10 ( last nights ) show going to be available for download??????????
I have started listening to The Professor & Mary Ann each week and LOVE Richard's Reaction! I agree - bring him to the States!! GO MIKEY!!!
very nice site! thanks! ___________________
I just listened to The Professor & Mary Ann and wanted you to know that the best part of the show was Richard's Reaction. He needs two segments each week because I know he must have had more to say. Thanks!
Novato , CA USA -
Where's Justin? It's Monday!
Ah, the wonders of good old-fashioned steam radio — to be able to listen to my friend Jake Raby waxing lyrical about Type IVs in general while also saying kind things about me, his customer. You must believe me, Ray, when I tell you that ‘this man is a genius’. So, a splendid, utterly professional interview that brought me, maybe your first English listener, a whole lot closer toward understanding Jake’s way of doing things. And didn’t he conduct his interview well, just like a pro? Now I’m looking forward to part II of the Jake Raby Story. So, more power to your microphone, Ray and I wish you every good fortune with your splendid programme. Many thanks. David White - aka mightyspyder
David White
Bexhill-on-Sea, UK -
Volksbash Rules!!!Loved the Jake Raby Interveiw.
Dave NO_H2O
Stockbridge, GA USA -
German guys rule!!! Does a vokuhila?
Bob Saget
Fishers, IN USA -
I love Hash Bash. It has to be the best show on the net. MaryAnn,and crew are the funniest.
Krista Grant
Zanesville, OH USA -
Hash Bash is HANDS DOWN the best show on Monks Media...keep it up ya'll!
Holly McMurray
Fountain, CO USA -
you rule mary ann and you suck shon blue bary
Katie, Hayley, and Kathleen ROCK!!!! they should be on every day!!!!
topeka, Kansas USA -
hello from sunny south africa. Very interesting site!
Darryl Monks
Durban, South Africa -
This is crazy good! The races were on the site before 11:30PM tonight! Rock On Monks Media... Keep doing the racs, and start doing some out this neck of the woods too.
Terre Haute, IN USA -
Thanks for the coverage from bloomington Keep them comming
Reading , pa USA -
Thank You for broadcasting the race from Bloomington this evening
Roy Lauck
Chamberlain, SD USA -
Thank you for all of the broadcast you do thoughout the season. Sure beats waiting on the Speed Sport News for the results!
Jim Thurman
Kansas City, Mo. USA -
Great Show pick Kevin Briscoe to win. Kent Kirchner The Woodlands, TX
Kent Kirchner
The Woodlands, TX USA -
Monks Media is a breath of fresh air for sprint car/racing fans. And by the way, Dickie Gaines will win tonight.
Gregg Sebald
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Thank you for the LIVE broadcast from The Elliottbrand Clash #3 at Bloomington Speeday. My 6 year old son Jake and I are kicked back with our popcorn enjoying the show! Get 'em Derek Scheffel and Team Hurst Bros..... Woooooo Racin!!!!!
Jerry Stark Jr
Seymour, IN USA -
The web cast from Bloomington is great!! Thank you! Go Bryan Clauson,, time for a couple wins this weekend!!
Tom Jennings
Covington, Ohio USA -
Thanks very much, it is nice to be able to tune in from Cincy and listen to sprint car racing from Bloomington, Go Dickie!
greg scarlato
Cincinnati, Oh USA -
Dickie Gaines in the 2006 Elliott Brand CLASH! Woooo......Racin!
John EdShaff
Mitchell, in USA -
Dickie Gaines in the 2006 Elliott Brand CLASH! Woooo......Racin!
John EdShaff
Mitchell, in USA -
Your racing coverage is the best for thgose of us that can attend the events. My son and Grandson both race sprints (Brad and Justin)and since I can't get to all the races it really means so much to be able to know immediately what is happening. The crew you have are the best. They certainly deserved the HARF Award for media.I have known D.O.(since before he was born)Thanks to his Dad,the late Bob Laycock. He was the best.Bob,I have enjoyed a career in auto racing for over 60 years. Hope you get the Indiana SPRINT WEEK with USACto be able to broadcast it. Keep up the good work. Bill Marvel
bill marvel
Liberty, Ky USA -
I thought that the PINKS TV Show was a Joke but after hearing PINKS Radio I think I have a diffrent appreciation for it. Nice Show Ray and Rich
Temple, TX USA -
I like the show pinks and to hear u talk about the show and have the host of pinks on is great and I would like to know if there is away I could buy a tape or cd of the show that u do about pinks ?
Chris Duncan
Clearwater, Fl. USA -
That was a great interview today on the kids radio show on the Race for The Cure. Thank you!
Noblesville, IN USA -
4/17/06 -- Thanks, Jeff, for dedicating the City Hall show today to the foreign journalist delegation that visited Noblesville. It was an awesome, eye-opening experience to interact with colleagues from around the world and get a feel for how they view America. That was a great idea to have *them* ask the questions, too. Thanks for the great service you provide to Noblesville and beyond. Rebecca L. Sandlin Staff writer Noblesville Daily Times
Rebecca Sandlin
Noblesville, IN USA -
I really enjoy the kids radio shows. It is really agreat program and the kids really do a good job. Too cute!
Noblesville, IN USA -
Volksbash, what a great show. Bringing living legends and VW history to enthusiasts week after week. Thank you Ray.
Hamilton, OH USA -
Enjoy Volks bash... stupid name , great show...Now if Ray wasn't such a lib... JK ray love the show!!!
dan ruble
Sacramento , CA USA -
VolksBash is a great show! Ray Iddings and his crew do a great job, keep up the good work. Jason
Albuquerque, NM USA -
i love listining to kids radio
Columbia, AL USA -
you rock mary ann you rock the street bye JOEY LUCITO
Hey everyone at Monks Media - we really love what our hoosiers are doing over there ! Love to get you all in the eMagazine? Contact Us! One of us a Hoosier, one a Buckeye- and well ... one in Alabama - hope you still check out the magazine! We got a link to y'all - :-)
Indie Islands - The Indie Artist Paradise
Ray... Great show, keep up the good work, and take care of Hank!!!
Carmel, IN USA -
you rock the stree mary ann you shold rock the road i sher hope you had a great show last week it was good in fact it rockt so far i hpe you have good week love ya guys have fun
kansas, mo USA -
HASH BASH ROCKS! 'Cept for Sean... He sucks. yeah...that is all. LOVE HASH BASH!
Muncie, IN USA -
I LOVE the show you guys! GREAT JOB! Keep up the good work! Jennifer.
Gainesville, Ga USA -
OUCH!! You caught me! Good one monksmedia!
Steve Harris
Noblesville, IN USA -
Quicktime Karting is the best. It's fun to hear about grass roots racing. Keep up the good work.
Garland, TX USA -
Dag nammit Jeff, The NASCAR show needs to be MUCH longer. One hour just don't cut it anymore.
The Professor,MaryAnn and Toni Talk Nascar show needs a larger time slot. 3 hours would work wonderfully. The show ROCKS.
Richard Russell
Halifax, N.S. Canada -
Professor and Mary Ann really needs to be a good 3 or so hours!!!!!!!!
Avon Lake, OH USA -
I loveee the Hash Bash shows and the Professor and Mary Ann. It's great! I think there should be a two or three hour show. And I would LOVEEE for yall to get Kale Kahne on the show. I would LOVEEEE it! Thanks, Jordan
Darlington, SC USA -
I loveee the Hash Bash shows and the Professor and Mary Ann. It's great! I think there should be a two or three hour show. And I would LOVEEE for yall to get Kale Kahne on the show. I would LOVEEEE it! Thanks, Jordan
Darlington, SC USA -
I love the Professor and MaryAnn show it needs to be longer......much longer... I love discussing NASCAR with everyone..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... make the show 3 hours :) MUAH love ya Sean And Mary Ann
Kensington, CT USA -
i was watching the indycar race and saw the guy who spun-out and then got hit by another indycar i was devistated because i really wanted him to win i know i sound stupid but i almost cried it was so sad well i just wanted to tell hashbash that because i was wondering if they could do a segment on it thanks god bless
Lucas McArie
Sarasota, Fl USA -
i was watching the indycar race and saw the guy who spun-out and then got hit by another indycar i was devistated because i really wanted him to win i know i sound stupid but i almost cried it was so sad well i just wanted to tell hashbash that because i was wondering if they could do a segment on it thanks god bless
Lucas McArie
Sarasota, Fl USA -
i was watching the indycar race and saw the guy who spun-out and then got hit by another indycar i was devistated because i really wanted him to win i know i sound stupid but i almost cried it was so sad well i just wanted to tell hashbash that because i was wondering if they could do a segment on it thanks god bless
Lucas McArie
Sarasota, Fl USA -
hey guys! i love, love, love the radio show and hope that it continues for a long time to come. anyone interested in signing the petition for James to be on All-Stars 2, just go to my webpage(myspace)that i have listed(sign up if you're not already a member) and ask to be added or e-mail me and i can add your name to it.
Watertown, NY USA -
Hashbash rocks!!
Holli Williams aka Cuzin Holli
Mosinee, WI USA -
HASH BASH IS THE BEST RADIO SHOW HANDS DOWN...DOWN WITH SEAN...DOWN WITH SEAN..he needs to be a Vickers/Kahne/McMurray fan...then he would be super cool!
Holly McMurray
F-Town, CO USA -
Alright, alright, I'm signing. Even though Jeff didn't answer my question about the laptop assitance program. I'm on just as much as James. I wanna be a "corrispondant." I'll earn my keep. Come on now. LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE HASH BASH! Loved being on tonight. It was funny. You guys all rock. 'Cept for Sean. He sucks. That is all. Katy
Muncie, IN USA -
your dirty little secrt
Ray from Volksbash radio does an excellent job. I normally don't listen to any radio, but Volksbash is an exception. Keep up the good work.
Charlie Roscoe
Cheraw, SC USA -
the best show is Quicktime Karting but I may be partial. keep up the good work
Mark Killgo
Indianapolis, IN USA -
I'm sure it took some serious effort to land Jesse James for the Volksbash Radio Show. Ray you are to be commended for your hard work and dedication to the VW community. Looking forward to Indy in August !!
No need to change your driver Sean. He is just fine. Don't wear no rainbow stuff or you shall be disowned !
I'm signing again... I dunno why lol... I was told to.. Uhhh bring on Atlanta! I'll be there :D
Ft. Benning, GA USA -
Holli Williams
Mosinee, WI USA -
Where to start? First...the phone sucks! The echoing was so freakin annoying! suck man. Pick a better driver. Third...Maryann, I love you! You rock! That is all.
Muncie, IN USA -
SEAN HAS TO LIKE KASEY KAHNE and the phone lines suck... lol...
Holly McMurray
fountain, CO USA -
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I'm listening! And I'm in the chatroom lol.. Have fun guys! You guys rock!
Ft. Benning , GA USA -
Thanks to Mr HomerDPoe for letting me know about the Hash Bash, another OUTSTANDING way to enjoy the Professor and Maryann, the BEST darn radio personalities on the internet!!! You guys ROCK!!!
Matt Poole
Pittsville, MD USA -
this is irenes hubby you rock
Jacob Golab
Kensington, Ct USA -
I am the second to sign tonite...what prize do i get?? Jon?? yes?? SWEEEET..haha i'll be callin in a few minutes!!!
Holly McMurray
F-Town, CO USA -
Ok Barry, You twisted my arm far enough. I'm signing this thing once again. Now send me my dues ! LOL Great job guys. Get well soon Sean !
Independence, MO USA -
Ashtin Wilcoxen and Shelby Hudson are the best kids radio announcers ever! They should be voted annoucers of the month!
Car Street
Noblesville, IN USA -
The Jessie James interview rocked Ray!! I've pulled all of your interviews into my iPod. They are keepers for sure! Volksbash radio rocks!!! Phillip Bradfield
Medford, OR USA -

Polly Panda
Noblesville, IN USA -
Ashtin and Shelby are the best radio announcers of them all! They are the best there is and that is the truth! GO ASHTIN AND SHELBY. My bus buddies!
Car Street
Noblesville, IN USA -
Ashtin Wilcoxen and Shelby Hudson are the best kidz radio announcers ever! You guys rock!
Car Street
Noblesville, IN USA -
I think Jeff should take Sean, Maryann and Toni to the Brickyard 400. That way he gets the REAL Nascar experience, and LIVE input for his racing shows like: Professor,MaryAnn and Toni Talk Nascar
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
JAMES AND JEFF NEEDA BE NASCAR FANS...cuz i said so...the hash bash and professor and mary ann are THE BEST shows ever!!!! but redneck james miller...kinda needs to stop talkin so much! LOL...
Holly McMurray
Fountain, CO USA -
Don't know what can be done, but Redneck James is getting real old. I don't find any of his stuff funny anymore. You have to come up with something or someone else to make the HashBash what it started out as.........Funny and Fun !
Independence, MO USA -
What a downer....tuned in today (3/13) to hear Jesse's TVNL show....and he wasn't there? Wha' happened?
The VolksBash Radio Coverage of the PINKS show was AMAZING!! I want more VW Race Coverage. Ray was superb!!
I just got lucky and stumbled onto your site. I share your sentiments. I too am deeply concerned about recent events and how they're clearly tied to 9/11. An even greater concern is the lack of coverage by most media. You have my total support.
Franklin Stiles
el cajon , ca USA -
Hey Ya'll Know I Love The Hash Bash and The Professor and Maryanne Talk NASCAR shows! Ya'll rawk!!!
Holly McMurray
Fountain, CO USA -
Awesome broadcast on TvNewsand lies. Keep it going.
Franklin, TN USA -
I love the Saturday night Open House Hash Bash, it's so great and funny to listen to! Rock on guys!
Kent City, MI USA -
I agree with Cousin Holly on the Monday Hashbang thing!!
Mosinee, Wi USA -
well i was really impressed with how far the station carried, but you guys are something else characters for sure. you know how to have a good time
anytown, in USA -
Show was great guys. I realy like the shows that you put out for us speshley Sean !!!!
Independence, MO USA -
Hey jeff, Just doing as I was asked to do by the crazy and fabulous saturday night crew. Adding to this guest book. You have one great group of on air personalities. Keep up the great work and DON'T let Redneck James come to the studio...........PLEASE !
Rockin20, Mr Homer D. Poe
Independence, MO USA -
this is the best show on the internet they need to be on more often ....mary ann is to hot ...barry is fabulous ..and sean is OUTSTANDING ! and redneck james really is a cracker ..i mean he cracks me up
wyat trash
I really love the Open House Bash show. After a week with the kids and school it is really nice to relax and have a laugh for a few hours. Keep up all the great work. Krista
Zanesville, OH USA -
The Volksbash live coverage of the Pinks Show was as good as it gets. Keep up the great work Ray, Two Big Thumbs Way Up !!!!!
Ron Campbell
I love the Saturday Hash Bash! Keep's me laughing all night!
Vernon, NY USA -
Hey, Just wanted to say that you guys have a great show.
Josh Call #15
Avon, IN USA -
What's up Monks Media! Shout out to Court and Chris Wheeler on the KMI radio show. That weekend rocked and I hope you guys can make it to a Stars race this year. I'll definitely be a guest if you need one. Later guys
Johnny Johnson
Iowa City, Iowa USA -
your radio station rocks
michael youree
Elburn, IL USA -
I saw you guys at the KMI last weekend. I am a new listener who says THANKS for your great program, QUICKTIME KARTING. It's awesome to have a show about our sport of karting! I am a new listener for sure. I have downloaded six shows so far and will be tuning in live from now on. You guys rock! Steven #27
Lombard, IL USA -
Thanks guys for the great karting air-time. Karting deserves more exposure and you are on the right track with your program. Keep on Racing!!!
Rick Morrow
Indianapolis, Indiana USA -
Thanks for hosting Jesse from TVNewsLies. We need more voices like his in this corporate-news dominated nation. My first time to monksmedia.. cool site.
Portland, OR USA -
hey this is kathleen im a DJ for monksmedia kids radio 4:OO wednesday crew we were wondering who u would like us to interview right now we are working on getting Dylan And Cole Sprouse from the suite life of Zack and Cody and wondering if that would be a fun interview???? if u think it would be email me at Thx buh bi
Noblesville , IN USA -
Thank you very much for having Jesse from TVnewsLies! Could he BE any more informative?! Also, I hear he is quite a hunk.
Sterling Heights, MI USA -
Keep Jesse on air...the truth needs to get out there.
Santiago, Chile -
This News Lie guy is annoying. I like how he tries to make people feel stupid, when he sounds like half a moron himself.
Stepanian ROCKS!
Boston, MA USA -
Thank you for a great interview w/Stepanian! They are awesome!!!
Boston, MA USA -
Damon Harmon Interview was excellent!!! I like the show better since Eric Left. Way to Go VolksBash Radio. Ray is the next American Idol
Volksbash radio is better each time it comes on the air! Seems especialy better the past coupla weeks with Ray flying solo.
Dynamite Springs, il USA -
The VolksBash Radio program just keeps getting better and better each week. The guests are interesting and the crew is doing great, Keep up the great work!
detroit, mi USA -
Hey guys! Great show last night.
LOVE the show. first time listening to it tonite and i'm already hooked. great job guys. =)
Ft. Meade, MD USA -
Ya'll already know I love the show! Keep it up!
Katy Hale
Muncie, IN USA -
Love you guys! This keeps me occupied on my Saturday and Monday nights! Keep up the great work guys!
Holly McMurray
Fountain, CO USA -
Well today was my first time on here and I like it. I'll be sure to tune in more often. Keep up the good work yall
colorado springs, co USA -
i just learned about this station a friend of mine at Ft carson, CO and i really enjoyed listening to it i really will try to listen to it when i can....thanx for allowing us to talk and say hi to each other...
Tammy Ricketts
fort campbell, ky USA -
Thank you Monks Media for Jesse's TVNewsLies radio show. Of all the radio shows I've ever listened to, this is the first one where, regularly, just as I'm thinking that the guest is off on a bogus tangent, the host will correct the guest, just as I would, only better.
I love Hash Bash, I listen every week, I enjoy your show very much, gives me something to do on a saturday night. Keep up the work!
Phil Mogler
Benson, IL USA -
I enjoyed the shows that the Professor and Mary Ann do. I think they need more time. Like two hours and two different nights. Not enough time to do a show for just one hours
Christopher J McCall
Seneca, SC USA -
I really like your kidz radio shows. they are fun to listen to.
noblesville, in USA -
Hey guys! Just want to tell the kids radio 4:00 wednesday crew Katie Hayley and Kathleen they rock!
manhattan, NY USA -
Volks Bash Radio. I just listened to the really informative interview Ray and the crew did with Scott Kelly! I've been listening for about 6 weeks and look forward to Tuesday night! I'm happy for Scott that he's getting a ride from Toyota but deep down inside we all know TYPE 3s RULE!! TCB Lance
Lance McDonald
Keeneyville, IL USA -
We wanted to say that we like your show and we will listen to it more often...also we want to wish good luck to Kelsey the guest host!!!! Love YA!!
Austin and Joelle
Cicero, IN USA -
Hey! this is kat (you know me mary ann!) i LOVE the saturday Hash Bash show! Mary Ann is my hero!!!!!!!! thanks 4 that mary ann! any way keep up the fun on saturday hash bash! somehow i think hash bash is a rrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaalllllllly cheesey name lol! you can name it the saturday rokinz!
Noblesville, IN USA -
Aloha, this is the coolest radio show ever Anna Kreutz and Marlle Szabo are the coolest people ever and they are perfect people for their job Aloha
Honolulu, HI USA -
I think MonksMedia great but Don Kay’s Auto Sport Radio show is the greatest show ever. Don has wonderful guests and the live show has friendly fan participation that is awesome. I am home sick and unable to make my weekly trek to the Westside of Indy to see the show live. As a result, the next best thing is listening to the show on MonksMedia. Don, THANKS AGAIN for a terrific show. Bonnie Greenfield, IN
Bonnie Andrews
Greenfield, IN USA -
I think that Ashley Lee, from Tuesday's show on the KIDZ RADIO program, should audition for RADIO DISNEY! She's GREAT! =)
Orlando, FL USA -
Currently enjoying the interview with Mandi Seekings. Good job. Aloha, Michael McCartney KEAO FM / KONI FM / KPMW FM / KTOH FM
Michael McCartney
Hawaii USA -
RE: Professor& MaryAnn & Toni- January 30th 2006. GET WELL SOON Deborah Renshaw. Tonight's show was a lot of fun. An extended time period would be nice to have. Jeff- Hint Hint.
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
Hey Jeff ????? The Professor and Mary Ann need to expand to a 2 hour show each week. It may be a bit slow in the off season but once the season gets rolling, I'm sure that 2 hours will not even be enough to cover everything. We want a sponsor for them so we can get more of the NASCAR Professor and Mary Ann !!!!!
Independence, MO USA -
great show tonite kathi with one eye is fun....and the regulars are awesome also keep up the good work
wyat trash
Hi: I missed you when you came to Hollywood this week, so I was listening to the Kidz Radio today. That girl Samantha did a great job with my song, "Only Hope"! Keep it up Monks Media! You guys rock! Mandi Moore
This is a real great site i have met alot of real nice people in here
I just listened to the archives of Tuesday's show on Spina-Bifida. I was thoroughly impressed with Ashley Lee, what a delight to listen to. This must be her calling! Very informative program, Riley hospitals' correspondant was a great touch. Great job Ashley and keep up the good work!
Patricia Kelley
Westville, IL USA -
Ray and Eric do a wonderful job keeping us ACVW fan informed on the movers and shakers in our scene.Thanks Monks Media for macking The show happen.
Donald Thigpen
Jacksonville, Florida USA -
Volksbash and VWs rule, Thanks Ray.
I would like to thank you for having me on your show again, and for helping to promote my "chasing the dream"... you guys have an excellent show, lots of fun and quite simply put, OUTSTANDING!!! One of these days, this dream is going to come to life, and I'll be able to look back and know who really helped to promote it. I don't want to be a legend or an icon, or anything. I just want to be a race car driver, plain and simple. Thanks so much for being a part of it, and for believing in me and my dream...all I need now is to find someone who wants their car to cross the finish line first. Put me behind the wheel, and I'll get it there. Professor and Maryann Show ROCKS!!!
Matt Poole
Pittsville, MD USA -
u guys are awesome loved the hash bash program tonight love you guys you rock!!
racine, wi USA -
VolksBash Radio "PINKS" Special Kicked ASS, I was there and it was cool meeting you Ray. The best part was everyone across the country got to hear how messed up things where AND you got them set straight on Tuesday! Ray is becoming a force to be reckond with!
Hey Guys, Thank you so much for having us on your Independent Show last night, it was a blast! We'll keep you posted on what's going on with us. We'll send you a autographed copy of the CD soon! Sincerely, Brandy Lynn and Jasmin aka... "JADE"
Nashville, TN USA -
Volks bash, stupid name, Great show , Ray, keep it up, hope I can find time to catch up with the past programs...
Dan Ruble
Sacramento , CA USA -
Another great Volksbash! Not just reporting the happenings, but making things happen!! Good to hear a vw ad on the show. We will patronize those advertisers who keep this show on.
Collinsville, Il USA -
Ray is doing a great job with the Volksbash radio program and the effort put into the special Pinks episode at in Arizona. Technology is great!
PF Stevens
Carmel, IN USA -
Great show, glad we worked it out..Go BIG Go Pinks
Eric Sorg
Just an old friend that wanted to stop by and say hello and keep up the good work and I look forward to some great coverage of Sprint Car and midget racing this year.
Chad Orr
Pendelton, IN USA -
The Indie Showcase is really cool. I should listen more often... Thanks for letting me call in.
Johnny Craft
Thanks for the live coverage of "Pinks" for Volksbash Radio. Riveting excitement! I'm addicted now!
Gary Brown
Spring Lake, NC USA -
Special memories come from listening to radio broadcasts. Keep the VW community up to date with all thats new on your radio network! Great Job~
Tom Costello
Lakewood, Ca USA -
It's Saturday A.M. and I just finally got around to listening to the Dyno Don interview show, and man, I'm glad I did!! This internent radio thing is the greatest, listen at your leisure.'As it happens'feels neater, but that can't always work. Can't wait for the Pinks show, soak up some sun for me, Ray and Eric! Volksbash rules. Chuck
collinsville, il USA -
The VolksBash Radio program just keeps getting better and better each week. The guests are top notch and the crew has its ear to the ground! Keep up the great work!
Scott Faivre
Las Vegas, NV USA -
Volks Bash Radio/"Dyno Don" was fantastic. Your show is right on track!!!
Marty Salerno
I'm really enjoying the Volks Bash Radio series. Nice work Ray and all others involved. Aircooled rules!!!
Phillip Bradfield
Medford, OR USA -
Your Featured Guest, Nadine Zahr, on the Indie Showcase Tonight was Awesome! Loved her voice and her sound was amazing...Can't wait to hear more from her!!!
Mary Ann
Noblesville, IN USA -
Jeff, It is great to be able to listen to you and Dean on the Indie Music Showcase. You still have a good running record. Can't wait to hear more upcoming artist. Thanks. Michael D
Michael D.
Elburn, IL USA -
The Volksbash/Dyno Don episode was terrific! Keep up the good work guys!
Dave Conklin
Awesome show with "Dyno Don" on Volksbash Radio. Hope there in a second interview with him.
San Pedro, CA USA -
Volks Bash Radio is a "Do not miss" for me and the interview with Dyno Don was great. Keep up the great show Ray. Walt
Walt Letherman
Santa Rosa, Ca. USA -
How many thumbs you got?????????? Volksbash!!!!!!!!!!! Up, Up !!
The Dyno Don interview on Volksbash Radio was a treat. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great entertainment. Thanks.
Gary Brown
Volksbash Radio - 2 Thumbs Up !!
Ron Campbell
Hey Jeff,
Looks like you have a great thing going on here!
Thanks for adding us to your list. I'll be mailing you a CD very soon.
Take care,

Jeff, Thanks for stopping by my page!
This Kids Radio show that you do sounds very interesting!! I developed two motivation programs for schools, to help young people be aware that they have the ability to make powerful choices with positive impact. I did this through singing and speaking.
My goal as a singer/songwriter and as a person is to make a differece for people. To motivate, heal, inspire... I would like to learn more about this Radio show that you do.
Look forward to talking with you soon!

Great site you have here and it's awesome to see that you support Indy talent!! Cheers! Hugs from Canada...Traci :o)
I think MonksMedia is the greatest show ever. I mean, who ever does anything on Saturday nights anyways? Monksmedia keeps you up and laughing every Saturday, when you have nothing to do. They have guests, music, and jokes and everything that could ever entertain you. I would like to thank Mary Ann, and Sean, and Barry, and Kayla, and everyone else who helps run the MOnksmedia radio station because the station is great, and I LOVE IT! I listen to it every Saturday night that I possibly can. -Sherry PS (MONKS MEDIA ROX YALL)
Sherry F.
Peoria, IL USA -
I really like talking to both of you. You are the best ! I really like the question you asked me. If I don't know it, my dad will.
Mr Homer D Poe Jr
Independence, Missouri USA -
I don't know how or why but the NASCAR show on Monday nights keeps getting better and funner to join in on. Sean and Mary Ann do an awesome job. Especially considering the 2 minute delay. That would confuse the ba jeebies out of me.
Mr Homer D Poe
Independence, Missouri USA -
Hey guys! This is an awesome show! Looks like you must get Johnny back by popular demand. He is great. Talk to u Saturday!
Eureka, IL USA -
Ive been listening to the show for about a month now. Good stuff yall. I got an idea for yall. Tell me if you like it. The Johnny and James Show. Theyre both funny dudes man. They deserve their own shows. Where was Johnny tonight anyhow? Funny guy. Take it easy yall and keep me laughing.
chet hoskins
Plano, TX USA -
good show tonight, guys. a buddy of mine told me to tune in. he said some comedian dude is on the show and that hes really funny. he must not have been there tonight. i plan on listening in the future. keep up the good work. for the record, james talks alot.
McCordsville, IN USA -
I missed Johnny tonight. That dude is hillarious. You should have him on every week.
Prince Fredericks, MD USA -
great show tonite ... james is a kook .... and i need a copy of that "new battle of new orleans " very very cool
wyat trash
This statlion rocks! I love the new design!!!!!!!!!
Carmel, IN USA -
Great Kids Program.... Listened Tuesday and really liked the kids work. Great job to the hosts and We'll be listening!
LaCrosse, WI USA -
Saturday Night Hash Bash is the greatest and I plan on listening for a long time. You guys are awesome. -Mary
Creve Coeur, IL USA -
i love jamie robb. thanks for interviewing her! my girlfriend and i love to listen to her. much love
miami, fl USA -
Thanks for playing Jamie Robb's music. She has alot of talent, and I can't wait until her first CD comes out.
oak park, il USA -
Loved the interview with Jaimie Robb, she has such an amazing voice and she seems to incredibly nice.
Merry Christmas to all the Staff, Jeff and all the personalities at Monks Media.
Richard Russell
Halifax, N.S. Canada -
Volksbash rocks. Nothing like hearing from the big players and getting first hand info. Love it.
Jeremy Owen
Wow i really like your show...the people on AIM are really nice and helpful! cept the one day i IMed them while on air...and they were in the middle of answering a question && started laughing...oops!! haha ne ways i gotta go!!
kennewick, washington USA -
I think the 5-6 group on Thursday night was totally awesome. Great Story about North Beach. That would be awesome to broadcast a few christian bands sometimes on the internet from North Beach..... Can't wait to here the gang next thursday. Keep it up Kaleb, Josh, David and Dane!
B Colvin
Noblesville, IN USA -
Thursday 6-7 was great Scott!!! I thouht you did awesome considering you were flying "solo" for your first show. Keep up the good work.
Kim White
Carmel, IN USA -
Thursdays at 4:00 rocks! You did an awesome job Kassie, Christi and Matt! Keep the fun coming!
Noblesville, IN USA -
Hey I luv being a DJ on this station I'm on @ 4:00 on wednesdays! Luv ya! Kathleen!!!!!!!
Noblesville, IN USA -
Hey guys. Might I say, GREAT segment last night! Jason rocks! *grins* Keep up the good work on the Indie Showcase!
Lexy Drake
Social Circle, GA USA -
What a great station...and it's local. Volksbash Radio is one of the highlights of my week. I enjoy the local talent on Indie too. MMRN is awesome.
Mike Mitchell
Noblesville, IN USA -
Thank you Monks Media for Volksbashradio. The VW dragracing interviews have been great listening. Can't wait for Tuesday nights for a new show.
Carl Nolen
Dallas, Tx USA -
I have just started listening to Volks Bash Radio recently. I've enjoyed the programs so far and the interviews have been great. Its great to listen to interviews and discussions about something that interest me. Thanks keep it up!
Tim Lambert
Volksbash Radio is the best! I can't wait until Tuesday at 8:00pm to hear all the latest VW news, interviews, and more! I've also been listening to more Monks Media shows & music and must say it's a great thing - my favorite Internet radio station, if not radio station period! Keep up the great work!
Rich Sedoris - DdK
Youngstown, OH USA -
Hey guys! Lol, I was listening to hear Nikki Flores! The girls are so cute! ROCK ON J-RAD
Jared Blair (J-RAD)
Madera, CA USA -
VOLKSBASH radio is great. Definetly makes Tuesday special. Keep up the great work Ray and Co.
Mike Hauer
Hershey, PA USA -
Love listening to Volksbash radio,the show is great!!
Shane Gregory
Lewisville, IN USA -
VolksBash Radio IS so Awesome Keep up the good work Ray, but ditch Eric.
Really enjoy the show... I especiallly like the interviews with the VW Drag racers past and present... Keep up the great work.
Michael Meyer
Elverta, Ca USA -
Great Show keep the good work hope to make it to the CB Nationals on INDY , GOD bless you all , RH Racing
Ruben Hernandez
Quebradillas, PR USA -
I can't wait for Tuesday nights to listen to Volksbash. I know I can listen any old time later, but listening live is like being there, like being at the game instead of watching on the tube. I generally don't like rituals or commitments, but this is one I require of myself. I am proud to say- I KNOW RAY! (he's now famous)
collinsville, il USA -
Great show, Great format, keep it up! looking to make the trip to indy from Orlando to run in the bracket class! six T six mike!!!!
mike marchese
Orlando, FL USA -
volksbash radio rocks, keep up the great work Ray and Eric. thanks Monks Media.
bill edwards
dearborn heights, mi USA -
Thanks for giving Ray and Eric a chance to inteview these great people that keep this Air-Cooled Scene going.
Donald Thigpen
Jacksonville, Florida USA -
Love the VOlksbash Radio!! I wait every week to hear the new show!
Chuck Fryer
Listened to KIDZ Radio today and I was very impressed. Couldn't believe it was the first show for these kids. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the teams to really start to work together.
Noblesville, IN USA -
hey guys! well i read ashleys stat and i decided to listen in. you guys were awesome! i could relate to what you were saying and each question made a point. you sounded like you had all done this before, who knows what i would have done if i were on a radio show! keep up the awesome!
Rachel Miller
cville, IN USA -
i adore you. you were great. and funny. and it was strange. and it was beautiful. wink wink. thank you monks media!!!
new york, ny USA -
You are AWESOME, Lally! And Thanks, Monks Media Radio Network, for giving indie musicians the opportunity to showcase their talent. I Love Ya!
Arnold, MD USA -
twantyafterfour would like to thank all of the fans and the Monks media crew for all of there support.
manuel chapa
austin, tx USA -
great show, keep up the great work. thanx for looking out for the little people, stay real.
manuel chapa
austin, yx USA -
We love your voice kid
Tom and Jackie
North Haledon, NJ USA -
Thanks for helping me chase my racing dream tonight. I really appreciate you guys "pimping me out" as you called it. All I ever wanted to do is race, and somehow, some way some, day, I am going to do so and you guys will get the first interview with me. Kudos to you for a great show, I'll see you in Victory Lane....Matt
Matt Poole
Pittsville, MD USA -
Thanks for having me last night. I'll be more than happy to stop by very often. Just a reminder: Comedy Showdown, Dec. 29th at the Harbour Coffee Cafe, 5-7. It's free. Thanks again for having me.
Johnny Craft
Noblesville, IN USA -
great show ... you really earn your money tonite ... mary ann is the best
wyat trash
Hey guys! This show is great!
WOW is all I can say...Last nights Indie Showcase with "Raising Daybreak" "Live" in studio was awesome...great band, great sound, love the message in their music and what a wonderful bunch of guys...I wish them all the best now and in the future...
Mary Ann
Noblesville, IN USA -
Once again, an awesome show last night with Pam Boas. This show wnet much smoother and much better than the 1st two. Why? Sean was able to help out on the IM's instead of focusing on the mixing board. Keep up the great work guys. Btw..........Jeff? Mary Ann wants an elevator to the studio ! :)
Independence, MO USA -
I absolutely LOVED the Professor and Mary Ann show last night with Pam Boas. What a fun evening!. Pam is a wonderful guest and the friendly fan participation was awesome. I love listening to this show either live if the baby will let me or later on when she is sleeping. Please keep having shows like this It is so much fun being a Tony Stewat fan anytime but shows like this make alot more fun. THANKS AGAIN for a terrific show
Irene aka Stewart20izmyman
Berlin, CT USA -
I can't believe it took me so long to find the Professor and Mary Ann show! I have been a NASCAR as well as a Tony Stewart fan since '98. Although I have to listen to the show after the fact most of the time, it's such a great show and you guys do a great job with it! Thanks!!
Julie Fisher
Midland, TX USA -
I can't believe it took me so long to find the Professor and Mary Ann show! I have been a NASCAR as well as a Tony Stewart fan since '98. Although I have to listen to the show after the fact most of the time, it's such a great show and you guys do a great job with it! Thanks!!
Julie Fisher
Midland, TX USA -
I caught most of tonights broadcast of Racin' with DO and really enjoyed it. I plan to listen to as many of the broadcasts as I can.
Ron Miller
Evansville, IN USA -
hey, this was my first time listening in and i was listening because you had Tony Stewart's mom Pam on. I really enjoyed listening to the show and will be listening every week, or s often as I can.
Butler, PA USA -
i'm a first time listener and I love this Internet Radio Station. Keep the racing shows comming!
Jennifer Cole
Newark, oh USA -
This is a great radio station the best person is Kayla no doubt about it lol.
Justin Riley
Jamestown, IN USA -
Hey guys, even though I'm not in there this week, I will be back. It is awesome to be in there but it is even more awesome to call in and listen to everyone. And maybe we should give Danny his own hour or so on the Hash Bash Party since all these girls like him. But sorry girls, I met him first and I've see n him in person so I win. -lol-
Thorntown, IN USA -
OMGGGGG YOU GUYS ROCK. Dan sounds hot but althought Mary (my sister) has no idea what he looks like she thinks hes hot. Hehehe...
Thanks for keeping classic rock n' roll alive.
Charlie Monks
Franklin, TN USA -
Thanks to Jeff and Dean for having the band Twenty After Four on the Indy. Music Showcase We are very proud of our son Billy and the rest of the band. Their creativity, hardwook, and love of music is growing better everyday. Monks Media Rock! Pat & Nancy Hummel
Pat and Nancy Hummel
Lake Travis, Tx USA -
wyat trash
Great show ... and when i say great show i mean mary ann was wonderful ....or as barry would say "Fabulous"...keep up the good work
wyat trash
Congrats to Shelby Hudson, Hannah Pimly, and Maris Feely! great job!
noblesville, in USA -
Hannah Pimley, Congrats, can't wait 2 see u @ school monday!
Chele Chamberlin
Noblesville, IN USA -
Indie Music Showcase: Thank you Jeff, Dean And Every One With Monks Media For Having Us On Your Show... Please Check Out My Band twentyafterfour: Just Google "twentyafterfour'And Please Request Our Music
Billy Hummel
Lake Travis, TX USA -
OK so I finally took the time to listen to VOLKSBASH RADIO and Man is it AWESOME!! I can't believe there is a show about VW Drag Racing! Way to go Ray and Eric. Keep up the good work, Love the guest lists.
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Awesome concept Kidz Radio! My niece is one of the girls who you selected. GOOD LUCK. Uncle Bill
Chicago, USA -
Indie Music Showcase: We really enjoyed being on the Indie Showcase last night... Thank you for having us back for another edition, this coming wednesday... Keep in touch and Keep On keep'n On! Cheers, Billy At: twentyafterfour
Billy Hummel
Lake Travis, Tx USA -
Hi to you all from the uk, say hello to Chemain,Mike,Dee & Ryan In Bargersville..From Dave & Karen
david bayliss
st austell, cornwall united kingdom -
mary ann is awesome !!! .........she needs her own show ...... great show again tonite
wyat trash
Mary-Ann and the Professor are awesome but Barry needs to stop singing soo much.
Thorntown, IN USA -
I just wanted to say thank you to the professor and mary ann! Its a great show. P.S. Mary Ann, Go Kasey!!!
Ione, OR USA -
I liked being able to hear my old school get to the state finals. I wasn't too happy with the outcome, but i was real happy to be able to listen. Thanks and for N.Posey, feel good. You guys got there and that is a great victory in itself.
bob and susie
Lexington, KY USA -
Thanks for your broadcast of the State finals! I couldn;t be there, but I felt like I was by listening to your broadcast. GO BLACKHAWKS! Thanks, Steve
Sheridan, IN USA -
I am so glad monks media radio network gives artists a chance to shine. It will pay off in the end. Once again thanks to jeff, mary, porshia, dean and everyone else apart of monks media radio network for having me on the new season of the indie music showcase. I hope to be on again. Take care and may god bless. - Randy aka RdG
Randy aka RdG
Port Orange/Daytona Beach , FL USA -
wyat trash
Jeff, Hey man. Ya gott akeep these guys on Saturday nights. The open House hash bash is a very cool and fun show. Please don't let them leave the Monday night spot either. The NASCAR show is the reason I became a listener.
Independence, MO USA -
Sherry F.
Peoria, IL USA -
go hse
fishers , IN Australia -
Mary has been out of town with family. We hope to have her back on Saturday's in the next few weeks. Check back for details.
Noblesville, IN USA -
This show is super cool (volksbash radio) I enjoy listening to it everyweek...
visalia, ca USA -
When is mary ann comming back ? ..... on the weekend i mean
wyat trash
My son finished his playing days at Snider High School in 2001. My wife and I have been following the Panthers for years. She, of course, was at the game tonight. I started working in Virginia a month ago and haven't been to any Snider games since moving. Thanks for streaming the broadcast on the net. Although I didn't like the outcome I really enjoyed being able to listen on line. Thanks again. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on a HUGE WIN and good luck to the Hamilton Southeastern Royals.
Lynchburg, VA USA -
That Rhett Cochran is outstanding!!!!! What a great broadcaster, can you say ESPN!! Keep up the good work Monks Media, and give that Rhett a nice hefty raise. You stay classy Indianapolis.
Paul Klepsch
San Diego, CA USA -
DWT....they are a local station. Quit your crying.
Fishers, IN USA -
Thanks so much for having this on the radio...GO ROYALS!!!!
Fishers, IN USA -
GO ROYALS!! Love the broadcast. Whoa, looks like a Ft. Wayne fan is being a sore loser. The broadcast is GREAT! The broadcast team is doing a great job calling the game. Thank you Monks Media for the chance to liten to the game for people who couldn't make it.
Fishers, IN USA -
I am so glad you are carrying the game tonight. It is really sad FTW is not carrying the game.
Fort Wayne, IN USA -
Nice idea to broadcast the Snider-Hamilton SE game on the net, however, we could do without the Hamilton SE cheerleading by the broadcast team. There are fans of both teams should keep it unbiased and be neutral with your comments.
Ft. Wayne, IN USA -
Nice idea to broadcast the Snider-Hamilton SE game on the net, however, we could do without the Hamilton SE cheerleading by the broadcast team. There are fans of both teams should keep it unbiased and be neutral with your comments.
Ft. Wayne, IN USA -
Nice idea to broadcast the Snider-Hamilton SE game on the net, however, we could do without the Hamilton SE cheerleading by the broadcast team. There are fans of both teams should keep it unbiased and be neutral with your comments.
Ft. Wayne, IN USA -
I am a Snider grad and a former player. Thank you for carrying the game. Keep up the good work.
Aaron Mauch
Mitchell, Sd USA -
I am listening to your game which my nephew Jacob Graham is playing for the Hamilton Southeastern Royals. This is great allows us to listen from Dallas.
Jett Graham
Dallas, Tx USA -
Glad to see we can get a broadcast of the game.. As we see it, no Fort Wayne stations are carrying it! HH
The Harvey's
Fort Wayne, In USA -
Love The Show. Great guest. Keep up the great work.
Clinton Scheidegger (DdK)
Okemos, MI USA -
I would like to thank Ray and everyone at Monks Media for supporting our hobby and passion. I'm very thankful that VolksBash Radio has shown an interst in our project car for the PINKS TV show and I think the coverage has provided us with additional support from businesses and individuals alike. I'd also like to say that I'm officially hooked and will be a regular listener!
John Hunt
Jacksonville, FL USA -
Great job Ray with Volks Bash Radio. Very interesting topical information from a wide spectrum of the VW hobby.
John Palmer
Another great show Ray ... Give Eric the boot. Looking fordward to next week with Lawless "Volksbash Radio"
Grand Rapids, MI USA -
Love the show! That's all that needs to be said. My wife and I be regular listeners!
Mike Lawless
Clovis, CA USA -
I enjoy listening to your show. I hope you can keep it going. Thank you for the entertainment!
Gary Brown AKA "Goin' Postal"
Spring Lake, NC USA -
The show rocks....Two thumbs up for Ray and the whole crew that give us such entertaining Radio.And Thanks Monks Media Radio Network.
Donald Thigpen
Jacksonville, Florida USA -
Just finished listening to VolksBash radio and I have an empty feeling. I wish it was next Tuesday already, can't wait to hear Burg!
great interview with walt and thanx for the kind words about
dan vwfanatic climan
enfield, ct USA -
Great show with Walt and the Rat Patrol. Rest of the show was cool too.
John Jaranson
Dearborn, MI USA -
Two thumbs up for Volksbash radio . The archive feature is great. Keep it up !!
Hamilton, OH USA -
Volksbash is a great show. Glad we got this kind of VW media this close to home! Thanks guys. I really love the "archived" feature as I can't always catch it live.
PF Stevens
Carmel, IN USA -
Volksbash Radio is truley the place to go to listen, yes thats right listen to all of what's going on in the Vw Community today. On behalf of Vw Racing News I'd like to thank you Ray and Monks Media for bringing us this one of a kind Radio Show.
VRN Stephen
Raleigh, NC USA -
Volksbash Radio is great! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to future programs.
Eric Ellis
Fort Worth, TX USA -
Thanks for hosting Volksbash Radio. As witnessed by the number of guest book entries, our niche in the auto hobbies really appreciates the show. As word spreads I'm sure number of listeners will mushroom. I also appreciate the fact that you archive it so we can listen whenever its convenient.
Don J
Pawling, NY USA -
I just want to say my hat is off for the folks that put together, run and are doing a great job with the Volksbash Radio show. Thank you, Myles TRM
Myles Siglin aka TRM
Flushing, Mi USA -
Great show and LONG overdue! Keep up the great work. Marty Staggs
Marty Staggs
Rancho, CA USA -
That comment was ment for Ray and Eric from Volksbash Radio
Mark Wild
Grand Rapids, MI USA -
Keep up the great work. Nice to see something different. Always look forward to the next show.
Mark Wild
Grand Rapids, MI USA -
play some floyd great show
wyat trash
Thanks SO much for singing me a Happy Birthday song, I love you guys so much and you cheered me up tonight! YOU GUYS ROCK!
Sherry F.
Peoria, IL USA -
WOW: This Westfield Vs Roncalli Football Game is Awesome! I feel like I am there. Thanks Monks for the live coverage!!!
Charlie S.
Nashville, TN USA -
new holstein, wi USA -
Thanks so much for getting an alternative news program on your network. Tv News Lies has a really good show....and the information Jesse is sharing is very important ...and is material we can't get from watching TV news. Keep up the good work....
Broolyn, NY USA -
Another great episode of Volks Bash Radio! Ray, you're starting to sound like a real radio guy ; ) Next time the DdK is in Harvard, IL we'll put that backup Cow myth to the test : )
Aaron B. -DdK
Orrville, OH USA -
Love the Volksbash radio!! Keep it up. I was a guest on the first one and will be listening to ALL the rest. Ray Iddings rocks
Chuck Fryer
Harvard, IL USA -
i am looking forward to jesse's tvnewlies next monday.
rosa schenkel
santo domingo, dominican republic -
volksbash--yeah great idea ,loved the first show,marked my calendar for tuesdays,keep up the good work,just what us bugheads needed,later mike chipman
mike chipman
las vegas, nv USA -
Great job on the Volksbash Radio. For being the first time it flowed really well. Looking forward to tuning in every week.
Aaron B.
Orrville, OH USA -
I'm listening to Volksbash radio as I type, this just way too cool. I met Ray and Eric this Summer through the race series and am loving this whole thing. This is my new station!!! Can't wait to see the new schedule for next year. I'm in!!
chuck wescoat
collinsville, Il USA -
I got in on the first V.W. dragracing show....thought it was great, got in from a link on seems to be a big hit! keep it up. sixTsix Mike
Mike Marchese
Orlando, Fl USA -
Nice job with the Volksbash Radio Guys! Very professional!
Dave Conklin
Centerville, OH USA -
I listened to my nephews game Friday when Western beat Hamilton Heights. I really enjoyed your announcer, Ret (sp?). That guy's quite an announcer. I'll be listening to more games. Keep it up.
Indianapolis, IN USA -
You Guys Rock! much love -mary (ps: Mary Ann doesn't sound like Ellen)
Mary F
Creve Coeur, IL USA -
Monks Media is the greatest. I just experienced it for the first time today and its great. I will probably be listening to it for quite sometime. -Sherry (P.S. Mary Ann sounds like Ellen Degenres) :-P
Peoria, IL USA -
Wow! Thanks for your most generous donation of an hour of air time to be used in the silent auction for our City's upcoming Mayor's Ball! The possible use of this donation is almost limitless! I can imagine a business really getting an advantage with that kind of opportunity. And, like our wonderful Cara mentioned - some young person exploring careers or just wanting to have a good time would just be thrilled with a chance to be on the show. On behalf of the Mayor, John Ditslear, Mrs. Ditslear,and the Ball Committee - WAY TO GO! I thought it so very generous of you to provide wireless internet to the square...I guess your commitment to our community has no boundaries. I am overwhelmed with your generosity and I just can't wait to see WHO wins your donation and HOW MUCH money it will raise for our charities! Yours really is two gifts in one! YOU ROCK !
Cindy Hawkins
Noblesville, IN USA -
Here I am signing the guestbook as requested by RACING ROOTS, October 5, 2005
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
First, I'd like to reiterate my thanks on your previous show dedication to Connie's memory and fix my error on stating her children. I definitely had Connie on my brain, sorry Holly! Then, I'd like to say that Mary Ann's interview with Jett Beres, the bass player from Sister Hazel, was ENERGIZING! He is such a jokster and it was GREAT FUN listening to his answers and informative too! Thanks again for giving Sister Hazel well-deserved exposure not only on their musical talents, but with their humanitarian efforts as well. ROCK ON MONKS MEDIA, JEFF, MARY ANN and JETT! :)
Alsip, IL USA -
Wow, it was very nice to find a place that actually asks your questions. Erin gave me a great speach of how to stay confident when I attend Nascar Technical Institute in 2006. I want to thank you guys so much for this. Erin is my hero, and keeps my dreams alive.
bellevue, Ne USA -
The Professor, MaryAnn & Toni was another great show. Erin Crocker interview was fun to listen to, and I look forward to watching her racing the full Busch Schedule in 06. - Richard
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
Your station is really awesome! I had no idea you existed until today, and now I am hooked. I will be listening to the survival of the fittest show tonight.
Indianapols, IN USA -
Real neet feed. How about some pictures as well.
Sunny Spalding, United Kingdom -
Oops, I made a mistake. After thanking you for the live coverage previously I put down that I was from the USA, clicked the wrong button, sorry, I am from New Zealand. It was great to hear how the racing was going as we live so far away. Thanks again.
Diane Clark
Auckland, New Zealand -
Mary-Ann, thanks for the Sister Hazel show you did last week. It was great fun , hope you get to do another. If so will definitely try to take part in that also....
Mark Lipscombe
Weymouth , UK -
A GREAT BIG HAZELNUT THANK YOU to Mary and the crew! Thanks so much for dedicating the show to Connie and allowing us to express our passions publicly on your show. Sister Hazel is truly a special band that spreads love to others in ways I never thought possible. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful community! Hugs, Lisa
Tampa, FL USA -
WOOT MARY ANN! Gracias to you and your radio station for, once again, bringing to the air waves the upLIFTing news of Sister Hazel, their music, and this AWESOME community they started. Your show reached many corners having the additions of Zippy/Mark calling in from England and Carmen's letter in Australia. It was also great hearing the voices of the many Nuts from all over the United States. Special thanks for dedicating to the show to the memory of our friend Connie. I hope her children, Connie and Al, are able to hear the show later. It's ALL ABOUT THE LOVE!
Alsip, IL USA -
Thanks for the live coverage. Great to hear Michael Pickens being interviewed and doing well with his racing. Thanks again.
Diane Clark
I just cant get to all the races,so it very nice to listen.Thanks to Monks,DO,And all the crew, great job!! Steve Wendel Oakland,ILL
Steve Wendel
Oakland, ILL USA -
Thanks for the live coverage it's fantastic, shame we can't watch it aswell but great listening to it especially to hear how Michael Pickens is going, thanks alot really enjoy listening.
Michelle Cross
Auckland, New Zealand -
Thanks for the great live coverage Monks Media of the USAC Midget races the last couple of days. It has been absolutely brilliant being able to listen.
Jenny Nicholson
North Shore, Auckland New Zealand -
Just another Kiwi who wants to say thanks to D.O, K.O and Brian for the open wheel coverage you have given us. A big thanks also to all the crew at Monks Media
Auckland, New Zealand -
Awesome to follow how our NZ Competitors go against the Best Drviers in the World...Cheers Monks Media...
Auckland, New Zealand -
Great Monks media for the Hut 100 commentary, It would be great to see as well as hear but never the less a great show.
Auckland, NZ -
Thanks D.O and K.O & the monks media team for the great coverage of the Hut 100 and the other Indiana Midget week races.
Wing H8a
Auckland, New Zealand -
Just following our fellow country men, great show guy's just loving the Live coverage, all the best from New Zealand
Jack Cross
Auckland, New Zealand -
I couldn't make it to Terre Haute to see the Clabber Girl Hut 100 but Monks Media saved the day! I listened to the webcast via my Samsung i730 PDA/phone. I posted a web log entry to my site at about it. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to webcast racing-related programming, it's greatly appreciated!
Paul Woods
Fishers, IN USA -
Hi to all in the States. The live audiocasts are a real thrill for us here Down Under in New Zealand. We follow our drivers very closely esp my son Michael Pickens. Took me a while to get used to the accents tho, :) Great listening, thanks heaps
Helen Sanford
Auckland, New Zealand -
We tune in to listen so we can see how Josh Wise is doing. My mom can't always get a line out at some of the tracks so this is great. Thanks for the updates!
Kelli Wise-Martinez
Riverside, CA USA -
Thanks for taking the time to bring these races to us people that couldn't make it.....I'm listening from Chico, CA
Bubby Greene
Chico, CA USA -
I listened to the races the last 2 nights. Thanks for an excellent job!
Dick Rimbey
Fond du Lac, WI USA -
HI Mary- I was going to try and call in Wednesday to talk about my experiences with this community and this band we all love, but I was detained in Florida by a root canal that was performed by another hazelnut. That's right, I flew to Florida, had a root canal, then came back to NC the next day. One of the many "perks" of being a hazelnut. Just got through listening to the show on the archives and enjoyed it immensely. I'll echo what everyone has already said...its a special place with some of the most extraordinary and genuine people I have ever known. We all care and respect one another, and that is just something so rare, and somewhat inexplicable to "outsiders". Just wanted to say thanks for doing this to spread the word about the guys and their amazing talents as musicians, and as people. Next time, I won't have any root canals. Marc P (screenname MPruitt71)
Marc Pruitt
Winston-Salem, NC USA -
Great Job, having the races on "live". You can tell the announcers are real race fans and dedicated to their task. I look forward to more broadcast in the future. Buzz
Buzz Migurek
Siler City, SD USA -
THANKS FOR ANOTHER HAZELNUT LOVEFEST!!!! The archives are great, I wasn't able to listen live - so THANKS!!!!!!!!!
Columbia, SC USA -
USAC midgets & non wing sprints,(It just doesn't get any better than This).Thanks
Richmond, In USA -
Mary ! Thanks so much, I just finished listening to the show from today (thanks to your archives). I feel better this evening having spoke with Holly some tonight. She is a strong girl & I have every reason to believe she will be just fine with all our love and support ! I really enjoyed hearing some of the NUTS, I had not heard before share their stories. Yes, your rock and are better than Oprah ! ;) Peace be with Holly and Al (Momma is looking down at her wonderful kids) Love ya Holly
Simpsonville, SC USA -
Mary Ann ~ you rock! Thank you for "selfishly" devoting your entire 2-hour show today to Sister Hazel and the Hazelnut community! You are doing your part in "spreading the love", and we all so appreciate your enthusiasm ~ you truly "get it"! Thank you! Wendy
Wendy Steinmetz
Loomis, CA USA -
Aug 15th/05 was another fun show by Professor and MaryAnn. Even though Kasey wrecked my driver. Keep up the great work.
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
Thanks for bringing the races from Bloomington tonight!!!
Fred Zirzow
Greenfield, wi USA -
I love the show today, with Matteo. Sticking in the pants! Cracked me up. I can't wait to see the video. I also wanted to thank the Sheriff Carter for his appearance today. His forums are a great thing. Hopefully we all can make our county safer for our kids by helping them to make the right choices. I love what you guys are doing at and can hardley wait to see what's next. THANKS
Fishers, IN USA -
The Professor and Mary Ann are very fun to talk with. Ya'll are great to razz now and them about the Yahoo league.
John Lucito
Independence, MO USA -
I appreciate your insight and love the Tony talk! GO SMOKE!!!
Lorrie Warren
Cortland, NY USA -
I think your show is going great.I look forward to listening each & every week keep up the great work. !!! put a cam in the studio !!!
Northeast, Md USA -
Hey Guys Cody Geldart fan here, just wondering what the time difference is between us, its 630 here and alli hear is waiting to hear cody :(
Tracy Hollingshead
Hamilton, on Canada -
Great job guys, you have no idea what it means to us displaced Hoosiers being able to keep up with whats going on back home. Keep up the good work Jack Huffman Ridgeville, SC
jack huffman
ridgeville, sc USA -
Great Job. Keep it coming. I quit listening to DO broadcasts - maybe 2 years ago - he had Kim Stewart as announcer. She was too Feminine for me! I had to stop listening. I'm back - the three of you are great - leave the team alone. your show goes so quick . compared to the world of outlaws broadcasts - a lot of fill in music. BORING!! Thanks again.
cincinnati, oh USA -
Great job to all. It's nice to keep up with it all being 2200 miles away. How bout my boy Cory!? Say hey to DO for me. Harlan
Harlan Willis
Ojai, Ca USA -
Since we could not be there to watch our grandson race it was great to be able to listen to it on the internet. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
Gary and Rayma Anders
Winchester, Il. USA -
Listening to the show and putting a new Eagle together, keep up the great show!
Bruce Berry
Speedway, IN USA -
WHOOO RACING!! You guys are awesome!! Keep up the good work!
Winchester, IN USA -
I really enjoy listening to you guys on here. I have had to miss a lot of the sprint week races but because of you I have gotten to listen to them live. I think you need to cover Gas City every Friday night!! (GO JOHN WOLFE :))Much appreciation!
Winchester, IN USA -
I just want to thank you guys for covering these races. I am actually John Wolfe's son-in-law, and due to my commitment to work and my daughter and wife, I was only able to make one of the sprint week races. Thanks to you guys though, I have been able to listen to John race every night, and I think it is great. I think you guys should look into covering more sprint car races, because it is the most exciting racing there is. Thanks so much again.
Winchester, IN USA -
Thank you for the coverage of USAC Sprint Week & all of the local short track racing. It means a lot to me to hear live broadcasts of the great racing in you have in your area as I love non wingers. I feel Indiana has the best racing anywhere in the country. Can't wait to get back out there in August.
Jeff Kohler
Mechanicsburg, PA USA -
Thanks so much for covering Indiana Sprint Week and the other racing going on in the area. It is an asset to the sport to be able to touch the fans who are unable to make it to the track. I know of dozens of folks from all over the country who are tuning in. Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Team Besecker
Greenville, OH USA -
Thanks for a great service! I've been listening all week. I was only able to make the Tri-State show in person.
Gregg Galbraith
Goodlettsville, TN USA -
Thanks so much for broadcasting the Indiana Sprint Week. It makes it especially nice since our favorite driver, Cory Kruseman, is doing so well.
Galen Fitzgerald
Oakhurst, CA USA -
do,roger,and ko thanks for the broadcast keep up the good work , c-ya at terre haute
kenny carmichael
terre haute, USA -
Great broadcasting!
Brazil, IN USA -
Thanks to everyone for tuning in here during sprint weeks. It really means a lot to see all of our fans come on and enjoy the great broadcast that DO and KO provide to you all. Stay tuned to Monks Media as we will be announcing future races that we will cover for the rest of the 2005 racing season. Would you like to hear your local track broadcasted on our network? Go talk with the track owner or promoter(s) and tell them to call or e-mail us here at Monks Media. We would be more then happy to discuss getting their facility on the air live for all of you racing fans to enjoy. Thanks to all of our listeners for making Monks Media your #1 source for all of your racing coverage.
Chad Orr
Noblesville, IN USA -
Thank you for the webcast of Indiana Sprint Week. It kills me to not be there watching this year, but listening to it online sure does help.
Chris Huckeba
Mesquite, Tx USA -
Absolutely FANTASTIC coverage, and i enjoyed the the rumble in the back ground brought GREAT memories.. hopefully see you guys next season from the other side of the fence.. thanks again for broadcasting, especially making it possible to listen way over hear.. Sincerely SPC.Nick Patterson #08
Nick Patterson, IN IRAQ
Mosul, Iraq -
Thanks to everyone making USAC racing live broadcast possible. While I have made two with one to go personally, It's great to listen to the action at the tracks I can't make. Chuck Nungester. Cincy OH
Charles Nungester
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Great job you guys.I feel like i'm right there.D.O. i'm listening and reporting to your old buddy "Goz".We'll be there tomorrow night.Thanks again.
Tim Barringer
Madison, IN USA -
You guys rock this is the best. Maybe you could do the chili bowl again this year that was the best ever 2 or 3 years ago. see you guys Saturday at THAT I will be in the 31 modified maybe, I can join the racin with do team
The Mayor
Jamestown, In USA -
Great coverage of sprintweek,go Levi Jones from Olney.
Jim Michels
Olney, IL USA -
OK D.O. I think you are at your best with this Sprintweek. I love it. K.O. your the smartest sprinter alive, and Roger, you are the icing on the cake. You guys have made my sprintweek, since I can only attend 2 races. Thanks.
Dru Laycock
Indianapolis, IN USA -
great broadcast keeps those who can't go in the Know
Brazil, IN USA -
I just wanted to say i have been here for almost 10 months, and i have been really craving some racing.. i have ran a couple of shows at kokomo and gascity, so im not only a huge fan, but on rare occasion i get to race. IM AM VERY THANKFUL THAT YOU GUYS DO THIS, its actually 440am here.. Thank you for your online webcasts..
Nick Patterson, IN IRAQ
Mosul, Iraq -
THANKS FOR THE ISW COVERAGE!!! wouldnt mind coverage from Kokomo Speedway!
Rochester,, in USA -
Awesome coverage! With kids.......its hard to make all the ISW events and you fellows make it as if we are there! Thanks to Monks, D.O, KO and the gang!
John Ed
Mitchell , IN USA -
thanks for the sprintweek coverage
w'ford, tx USA -
Listening in tonight, guys. Back home in Iowa after the first three nights. See you in August KO! Will be listening in until our Knoxville broadcasts call us back to duty Friday.
Bill Wright
Monroe, IA USA -
This is great to have live coverage of sprint week. This is great. Thanks guys.
Jimbo McCoskey
Santa Maria, Ca USA -
Thanks for making my boys, all four of them, feel special. ;-) Thanks for the invite! Hope to see you again soon! We really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work...we will be listening.
Noblesville, IN USA -
D.O. is just the GREATEST ! Give him a raise ! Your Indiana racing coverage is outstanding! Indiana Sprint Speed Week Rocks !
Tom Lusty
Plymouth, Mi USA -
You guys are doing an outstanding job with the coverage from Indiana Sprintweek!!! I hope that you guys will do more USAC and Indiana Sprint Car races because if you do, I will be listening!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
Alex Wollf
Lima, Oh USA -
WOW!!! Another fantastic job!! Thank You so much,, monks media & DO's crew. What do you think of that Bryan Clauson? Quite a racer isn't he. Monks Media & Bryan Clauson are putting Noblesville on the map!! I'm even starting to tune in during the day while surfing the web. Thanks again for such a fine job,, hope you do a lot more.
Tom Jennings
Covington, Ohio USA -
Great!!!! I can sit there and actually see the cars and track in my mind while you guys do your thing. Keep up the good work.
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Great!!!! I can sit there and actually see the cars and track in my mind while you guys do your thing. Keep up the good work.
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Fantastic coverage. The announcers are fantastic! Really appreciate the being able to hear Indiana Sprint Week. I watch the Kruzer and Gardner every Staurday at Lake Perris and all the uther drivers when they come out to the Oval Nationals or occasional rides in other cars. Again, you guys are fantastic!
Ray Hoffmaster
Alta Loma, Ca USA -
It's great to be able to follow the action of Sprint Week, especially the California guys
Sylvia Watkins
Hawthorne, CA USA -
was out in toledo & mansfield last week so couldn't make it back this week. thanks for the coverage I'm listening every night
Mike Vanino
Reading , Pa USA -
Wow!!! You can smell the corn in the fields and feel the thunder of those 410s right through the computer. This is great!!! Thanks you all for your efforts. From a big fan of the USAC/CRA, GAS 'EM UP!!!! gb
Gary Buchanan
North Edwards, CA USA -
thanks for more sprint car racing keep it up and i will be listening.
livermore , ca USA -
Sounds like were right at the track. thanks
vickie jennings
covington, oh USA -
Great racin' Keep bringin' it Boy's. Only 114 today in Phoenix today.
Don Berner
Apache Junction, AZ USA -
Great job guys!!!
Bob Harvey
Robinson, Ill USA -
Thanks to all for the great broadcast!!You folks do a super job.
Tom Jennings
Covington, Oh USA -
Hey D.O. thanks for the broadcasts. Obviously a popular show, took about a half hour to connect to the server. Keep up the great work.
James Purvis
Greenfield, IN USA -
Thanks D.O & K.O for the great audio ,its Staurday afternoon in NZ (Mid Winter) Wish we were there. GO PICKENS!!!
Auckland , New Zealand -
WWOOOOOO Racin.Keep it comming!!!! Thanks for putting Sprintweek on the web LIVE!! Fred
Fred Zirzow
Greenfield, Wi USA -
Next best thing to being there!
Bruce St. James
Phoenix, AZ USA -
Great work, Joe.
Phil Bremen
Moscow, Russia -
Great coverage for all who can't be there to see the races in person. Good luck to all the Western States drivers. Keep up the great work!!!!
Cliff Morgan
Port Hueneme, Ca USA -
Yo, Joe. Love your stuff. We are sorry you left WNDE. But things happen. Miss you long time. JMV!
Indy, IN USA -
It's Great to have this coverage.DO & Ko and Monks- Thank You
Bryan Whited
Richmond, In USA -
I'm lovin the sprint week coverage. It's the next best thing to being there. Keep up the good work.
Gregg S.
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Thanks for keeping us updated.
avon, in USA -
Lovin this coverage! Thanks.
Liberty, IN USA -
Sorry fella's I wish I could have been there with DO and KO and the gang. KO I will make sure to have a big coffee pot for you in the morning. Take care and thanks to everyone for stopping by and signing the guestbook.
Chad Orr
Greenfield, IN USA -
I guess if I can't be there racing I can listen to it...Thanks!!!!
mike hess
petersburg, IL USA -
sounds great tonight
Joe Bennett
Brazil, IN USA -
Great to listen to Indiana Sprintweek Live. I couldn't make it to North Vernon, and this is the next best thing. Whooooa Racin'
Dru Laycock
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Great coverage, I love it. It is not near as late here, two hours earlier. It is good to be able to listen live guy's, thanks. Hope to hear more. Thanks, Don From Arizona 116 degrees today
Don Berner
Apache Junction, AZ USA -
Thank you for broadcasting sprint week. Fantastic coverage!
Greg Sowers
Los Angeles, CA USA -
thanks for the live coverage and staying with the show
robert oliver
grand prairie, tx USA -
Thanks for the live coverage.
James Purvis
Greenfield, IN USA -
Thanks for the coverage. Best of luck to Shane Cottle and Edison Motorsports!!!
Ken Kochanowski
Osceola, IN USA -
Thanks for the racing coverage! It is great to see the local racing scene receiving the great coverage it deserves! Keep up the great work!!
Montpelier, IN USA -
Sounds good tonight at Twin City keep up the good work!!! Melvin
Melvin Parsons
Kokomo, IN USA -
Thanks for the webcast of live racing! I'm listening into the Racin' with DO broadcast of IN Sprint Speedweek from Pennsylvania.
Sewickley, PA USA -
Just eanting to say thanks for having sprintweek on, for us that can't make it to all of them. We are leaving wednesday to catch the final 3 shows.. see ya then...
Dan Little
Swan, Iowa USA -
Thanks for having Indiana Sprint Week on the Web for the Folks who can not get back this year.........
Will Elliott
Ukiah, Ca. USA -
glad you are able to bring us this webcast in Wisconsin. Can't make sprint week until next week at Gas City. Go Matt Westfall!!!
Rob McDermott
Fond du Lac, WI USA -
Thanks for the live broadcast! This is great for those of us that can't be there. Great job to all :)
Danelle,Chase,& Courtland Cottle
Kokomo, IN USA -
Mitch and Kyle Wissmiller's uncle listening to ISW and lovin' it. Thanks to DO, KO and freinds.
Jack Wissmiller
Ofallon, MO USA -
Hey there!!! J&S guys have been here!!! Infos: J&S project is born from the merger of the musical experiences of a DJ and of a musician. The crossover between grooves "Old School" and electric resonance carried it to the idea of J&S. Give a look at our site! Chees!!!
J&S Project
Naples, Na Italy -
Have a safe and happy Independence Day 2005.
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
Congrats on Monks Media's 1st birthday. I am very proud to be part of the group here at Monks Media and look forward to bigger and better things in the near future.
Chad Orr
Nobleville, IN USA -
Jeff, CONGRATULATIONS on your One Year Anniversary. It has been a pleasure to have been in the studio and on your broadcasts. I wish you many more years of success. What you have brought to the communities is priceless, thank you for your effort.
Sam Kerro
Westfield, IN USA -
CONGRATULATIONS JEFF! On your One Year Anniversary Celebration with The Monks Media Radio Network! You've come a long way Baby!!! You have grown so much in one years time and continue to out do competition with your innovative programming and state of the art technology! Wish you the best and continued success with all of your endeavors!
Mary Q Public
Noblesville, IN USA -
Why doesn't the link to Kelci Paige's music sample work? I love listening to her on your station.
Metarie, LA USA -
Joe, he came from the northeast. He was on WLBC for BSU golf.
Coach Bob Knight
Bloomington, IN USA -
This Joe Hatcher fellow, where did he come from?
Rich Calebro
Fishers, IN USA -
Jeff, wanted to let you know that we are listening to the Noblesville/Evansville SemiState game from Knoxville,TN. We are here with the USAthletics 16yr old team this weekend. Having the ability to be able to listen to a local team on your broadcasts is super. Looking forward to listining to more.
Sam Kerro
Westfield, IN USA -
Hi i love your station and I love being able to hear Kelci Paige's songs shes great never let go of her songs!!!!
lebanon, tn USA -
For those of you who have been around this sport back in the "good old days" I have a very sad announcement to make. As I announced on last nights show we have lost a great person and mentor Gene Besecker. Grandfather to current sprint car champion Kevin "Old Timer" Besecker. We here at Racing Roots and the Monks Media Radio Network send out our deepest sympathy's to the Besecker family and all their friends who knew Gene well. Services for Gene will be held this Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, June 12th, a visitation will be held at Zecher Bailey funeral home (on the corner of 118/Broadway and Russ/Kruckenberg Road) in Greenville from 5-8 pm. (118 is the same road that Eldora is on). Funeral services will be held the next morning at the same location at 10:30am. If you like to send your well wishes to Kevin and the Besecker family you may simply reply to this message and I will make sure the family receives it. Rest in Peace Gene....
Chad Orr
Noblesville, IN USA -
Regional baseball broadcast was very well done. Rhett and Joe did a great job. Maybe one of the best games from Monks Media ever called. Good Job Guys.
noblesville, USA -
E-Mail us at to enter for a chance to win a Racin' with D.O. t-shirt or a Thrills video. E-Mail me your Name address, city, town, zip and phone number and you will be entered into our drawing for a shirt or video. besure to include shirt size. See you at the races and or Kelly's Pub Too at 10th & Lynhurst in Speedway on Monday nights. Don't forget the Sheldon Kinser Mem. webcast from Bloomington. Listen to enter for addtional give aways from that race as well.
Received my PACERS visor today. Thanks.
Richard Russell
Halifax, N.S. Canada -

GRACIAS for giving the Hazelnuts an opportunity to spread the magic of not only Sister Hazel's music but to talk about how their many projects have to uched lives of people all over the globe! What once was a ripple has become endless waves. Putting together a voice with a face was also SO MUCH FUN! GREAT JOB MARY ANN AND JEFF! We look forward to the next one. SISTER HAZEL RAWKS! :)
Alsip, IL USA -

Thank you for the wonderful Siter Hazel show you aired yesterday.It was a very fun show to both listen to and take part in....
Weymouth, United Kingdom -

w00t! for Mary's Sister Hazel show!! Thanks again for spreadin' the Love!!

Sister Hazel day was awesome!!!!!!!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk about our favorite guys and to hear eachother live (some of us had never gotten the opportunity to put voices to the words we read!) It was great, you should really do this agai n! And soon! Thanks for spreading the word across the airways about Sister Hazel. Keep supporting them, cause the guys rock!!!!
Winston-Salem, NC USA -

Thanks for the Sister Hazel Day!!! What a GREAT band!!! Thanks again!!
Asheville, NC USA -

Loved the show on Sister Hazel today. Thanks for spreading the word! Hope everyone comes to their show in Crystal Lake on July 2nd! Mary, we want t o see you there! Go to for more info on the concert. Thanks ag ain, looking forward to more shows like this!
Crystal Lake, IL USA -

LOVED the show today! Thanks for including my comments via IM... SPREAD T HE LOVE FOR SISTER HAZEL!! Great Job Mary and Joe!! Please let us know wh en you will do another SH show!! Or if you feature any of the other Rock B oat/Rock Slope partners, Gavin DeGraw, Michael Tolcher, Pat McGee Band, Ing ram Hill, Edwin McCain, Ari Hest, O.A.R., etc!!!! Thanks again, Ya'll!!!!!
Columbia, SC USA -

Thank you so much for this great opportunity... What a fantastic way to spr ead the love! We had so much fun reflecting, talking about the band, the m usic, the NUTS and the special experiences & friendships that have develope d because of these five guys out of Gainesville, Florida. What a fantastic community the Sister Hazel & The Hazelnuts have become... one I am extremel y honored to be a part of. Hugs, Lis :o)
Lei~Olé (Lisa)
Tampa, FL USA -

LOVIN the Sister Hazel Radio Show!! Rock On Mary!! Check out the Hazelnut s everyone @ !
Gina Hyden
Wabash, IN USA -

Really like the Racin w D.O. show. Working second shift I would not be able to listen to his shows before, but thanks to monks media I won't miss a th ing. Monks media is definitely pioneering the future in media broadcasting and the the Racin with D.O. just compliments what they are providing to the racing world.
Terry Parsons
Kokomo, In. USA -

I love the racing programs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Especia lly the Wednesday night Sprintcar program. Thanks for the programs.
Don A. Bartlett
Indianapolis, IN United States -

You guys are awsome! Love hearing fishing tips and picking on Jeff`s Bulls. Go Pacers Go Go Go!
Brian McMahon
chesterton, IN USA -
I just listened to the CUSC interview. Kaley and the others sounded great. Thanks girls!
Carmel, In USA -
I just wanted to thank Mateo and his fiance for the wine topic on thursday. It was a real informative conversation and I learned alot that I didn't know about wine.
Noblesville, IN USA -
You guys rock!!
indy, USA -
was wondering if your station has any songs from the band killer thomas who played at the court house during the parade of homes. they were the 2nd band to play that day, if so how do I request to hear them. by the way your sight is awesome. thank you
B crawford
tipton, in USA -
we love you david,laura,amber,kaylee
the salins
crown point, in USA -
Great broadcasting...Love that Chris Wheeler program. Lets you get right down with the real racers and the up and coming racers.
Maggie Ferrell
des moines, ia USA -
Thank you Monksmedia, and Sean,Mary Ann and Joe for running the VJGC auction. I received the Kerry Earnhardt diecast. I am glad to have had the opportunity to assist the Victory Junction Gang Camp. Please pass along to Kerry Earnhardt's people my gratitude for his donation to your efforts, as I it is now front and center in my Nascar Collection. Once again Thank you Monksmedia, Sean, Mary Ann and Joe. Keep up the good work.
Richard Russell
Halifax, N.S. Canada -
Thanks for broadcasting our rugby games, listen as we go all the way to nationals.
Brownsburg, IN USA -
Loved the Brownsburg Rugby match! Appreciate this opportunity for out of town relatives and fans to hear the games! Keep up the good work and looking forward to hearing more!!!
Nan Howland
Pittsboro, IN USA -
D.O. really Rocks! I enjoy getting all the Indy area skinny via Monks. Keep it up boys, (D.O. & K.O.), we can't get enough of you !
Tom Lusty
Plymouth, Mi. USA -
I am a '61 graduate of Washington High School now living in Knoxville, TN. What a treat it was to be able to listen to the Washington-Plymouth championship game last Saturday night. Thanks for your good work!! Go Hatchets!!
Jim Grubb
Knoxville, TN USA -
It was great to be able to listen to the 4A championship. Even though the president and vice president of the Greg Oden fan club called the game. Not the best play by play I have ever heard, but it's the only game in town when your a Bearcat and living in Philly.Thanks for the game.
Kevin Bair
Harleysville, PA USA -
Moved to North Carolina a year ago from Washington IN. Your coverage was great as was Luke Zeller. GO HATCHETS. Unbelievable finish - my hats off to both teams but it was a blessing to see the HATCHETS bring it home. WE LOVE YOU LUKE THE VOGTS - GOLDSBORO NORTH CAROLINA
Terry Vogt
Goldsboro, NC USA -
Monks- Just listened to the Washington vs Plymouth game from my home in Minneapolis. Although game's outcome wasn't what I wanted (Plymouth alum), the radio call was excellent and overall it added excitement to this fantastic game. Most of all, I appreciate the ability to hear the game over the Internet. Well Done and Congrats to both teams (especially to Coach).
Minneapolis, MN USA -
I was so excited to listen to my alma mater the Washington Hatchets win the state championship. I wasn't thrilled with your pro-Plymouth bias, but I was very happy that you were here so that I could listen to the game. Thanks!
Lori DeWall
Freeport , IL USA -
It's nice to be able to listen to the Finals from my in-laws in Kentucky. Now if we could just get a video feed.
Gary S.
Muncie, IN USA -
Go Blue Chip & southern Indiana teams in the IHSAA boys basketball championships! It's great to be able to tune in for a little dose of Hoosier Hysteria for a relocated Indiana native. Thanks for bringing us the webcast!
Michael T Johnson
Daytona Beach, FL USA -
i graduated with Jimmy Jack , and now live in Texas. It was great to be able to listen to the state finals. Congratulations Lapel!
Linda Shupe Bowman
Nice to be able to listen to the State Finals in a place were I there is no radio reception. Nice coverage of the Lapel game.
David Anderson
Muncie, IN USA -
Im impressed! Not that it would matter what I would think, but thats why I'm "unknown!" I actually visit this site every once in a while now! I had no clue about this, its nice to see you have something to do with the community. Keep up the good work, this looks very professional! thatonekiduknew*
Noblesville, IN USA -
I LOVE RACING ROOTS!!! Keep up the good work Chad!! Thanks for putting out the word about my old town drivers, I recently moved from Noblesville to Kentucky! I hope racing at Mud Lick was as good as Gas City and Kokomo! Are you going to do any broadcast from the tracks?? If so, let Chad do them!!
Amy Dyer
Vanceburg, KY USA -
Thanks for broadcasting the Brownsburg Rugby games.
Greg Howland
Pittsboro, IN USA -
How Bout Them Rugby Dawgs! Can anyone stop em? I don't think so. Can't wait to hear more more more of the greatest rugby team in all the land!
Most Obnoxious Voice
Anytown, USA -
Many of our loyal rugby followers are anxiously anticipating your rugby coverage. You are the only format willing to do our matches. Thanks. Coach Trout
Indy, IN USA -
First time i got the chance to listen to racing roots. Chad and Chris love what they do on the track and i know they tell others about it even off the track. The show is very informative for those who dont know nothing nothing under nascar or irl or anything that isnt on tv
Ralph Lake
Roseville, Mi USA -
I was wondering when the Indy Hoops DVD's will arrive.
Jennifer Lowder
New Castle, IN USA -
Susan: Thanks for your entry to our guestbook! To answer your question, yes, we are plannning to have other towns/cities represented with the same program format. Mayor Brainard of Carmel will be doing a show, monthly, and we are awaiting Fishers, Westfield and Cicero, as well as the Hamilton County Board to respond to our invitation. Stay tuned!
Jeff Monks
Noblesville, IN 46060 -
Do you plan to have other Mayor's do this type of show or just Noblesville's. I would like to hear other towns represented beside Noblesville. Cool Concept though!
Susan C.
Fishers, IN USA -
I enjoyed the Mayor Ditslear show. Good to be able to hear him talk directly to the city like this.
Noblesville, In USA -
I enjoyed the Mayor Ditslear show. Good to be able to hear him talk directly to the city like this.
Noblesville, In USA -
Great Job Mayor Ditslear on your first show...You're a natural! Thank you for agreeing to be a part of this innovative forum to reach Noblesville Citizens on a more personal level!
Mary Ann Cole
Noblesville, IN USA -
First time listening and love it! Thanks for putting sprint drivers on like Josh Spencer. Super driver!
Spencer Judd
Anderson, IN United States -
NASCAR Professor and Mary Ann, you guys do such a great job! Loved meeting you guys out at Chili Bowl and I so hope can I come see you guys sometime, I'm going to try like heck to get to Indy!
Christy Haas
Thanks for the great broadcasting and the work for Victory Junction Gang Camp. Thanks to Hope in KY for letting the Jeff Gordon Network members know about your show.
Carol Ingles
Clermont, FL USA -
Great job on the Victory Junction Gang Live Auction!!!
Louisville, KY USA -
Greetings from a Hoosier living in Santa Barbara, California. Thank you so much for broadcasting the Indiana girls 3A basketball final! I played for Corydon Central 20 years ago, and I really appreciate being able to tune in to this game. Your coverage is fantastic (when it's up):) Crystal Martin
Crystal Martin
Santa Barbara, CA USA -
TriCentral Grad here saying THANKS for the game broadcast!!
Thanks for broadcasting the North Judson girls basketball game on internet radio. We are avid North Judson fans but are in Florida. We enjoyed listening to the game from so far away. Thanks again.
Vicki Sturgell
North Judson, IN USA -
SHS Alum in Virginia says Go Raiders!
Fairfax, VA USA -
SHS Alum in Virginia says Go Raiders!
Fairfax, VA USA -
Wishing the best for the Corydon Central Lady Panthers in the State Championship Class AAA Game !!!
The Fisher Family
Clearwater, FL USA -
GREAT JOB On The 3/4/05 Noblesville Sectional! I was glued to my computer. The guys did a great job!!
Jim T.
Noblesville, IN USA -
WOW, I listened to the show "Buon Appetito" with Mateo DiRosa and Mark Hern er today and I could almost smell the chicken cooking, then I looked at the recipe and the pictures in studio and I swear I smelled Chicken and Marsal a...Good Job Mateo, I will definitely add this recipe along with all of the others to my collection!
Mary Ann Cole
Noblesville, IN USA -
Thanks very much for the broadcast of the Indy Hoops tourney. These kids really enjoyed the atmosphere and the exposure you gave them. What a great thing for the kids to have this opportunity to enjoy this for years to come. Great Website.
Coach of the Center Grove Impact
Greenwood, In USA -
I couldn't believe when I heard that "Racing Roots" were going to have a couple of my ole friends on live. I saw the announcement on my friends website. I somehow got busy and missed the show. After doing some research, I found that I could replay the interview with Donnie Adams Sr. and Jr. whenever I wanted. It sounded like I missed a very fun night. What a neat thing to have with your business. Keep up the great work and I'll make the live next interview you have with them. Donnie's Jr's number one fan! Jeff Johnson, Atlanta, Georgia
Jeff Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia USA -
Nascar Professor & MaryAnn & Joe is a great show. The internet/interactive approach is wonderful, as it allows Nascar fans to participate even those of us who are 1618 miles from Noblesville.
Richard Russell
Halifax, NS Canada -
Thanks so Much for Broadcasting the Inday Hoops on Sunday! My Grandson will be playing, and, now i can listen to the game. It will be ALMOST like being there!
Linda Smith
Sullivan, In USA -
Just wanted to throw in here how great your NASCAR professor and Mary Ann show is...out of all the NASCAR related radio shows there are floating around, this one is one of the absolute BEST. I would put this show up against anything that the major networks have on the air. Too many of those other shows are so corporate oriented, it's refreshing to hear one that's truely geared towards the fans. Don't change a thing!
Greg Engle
Orlando, fl USA -
I can't wait to hear the games from the Indy Hoops Championships this Sunday! Thanks for doing this for our kids!!
Sue and Bill
Fishers, In USA -
Since I will be a guest soon, just thought I would tune-in and tune-up, gear-up and get ready...See you soon and hopefully all of Cicero, IN will tune in...should be fun...Doc (Council Pres. Cicero)
Doc Holliday
Cicero, IN USA -
wow... what an incredible job you did of covering the Hendricks County Boys Basketball Tournament!!! after 22 long years, we can relive the excitement whenever we want!!!! Thanx so much! -c-
Coleen Leath
Danville, IN USA -
Thanks for having Tammy on... and thanks Tammy for being on... it was a great interview and Tammy is just the greatest mommy ever :) ha ha... Hopefully we can get a fan club picnic over here in the NW!! Thanks again!
Nicole Chipman
Portland, OR USA -
Wow! You guys did an awesome show! Big thanks to Tammy for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions! She did an awesome job! I wish her and Kasey and the rest of the Kahne family all the happiness in the world! I can't wait till next Monday to hear Tyler. :) I'm sure it's going to be awesome as well.
Walnutport, PA USA -
Great website, great radio shows! Racin' with D.O and the Prof. & Mary anne shows in particular. Looks like I am the only non American to sign the guest book, I hope that changes. It is very handy having the shows on archive, not all the shows can be heard live with the time difference between countries. THANKYOU
Auckland, New Zealand -
I loved the show with Tammy she is the sweets and I wish her and kasey all the best of luck!
Palm Bay, FL USA -
AWESOME! WE LOVE KASEY! AND TAMMY!!!!! Thanks! AWESOME BRODCAST! I couldnt ask enough questions! Sorry! lol
Elana L.
Montgomery, MN USA -
I really love the station and the coverage of our teams! Thanks Monks Media for being there for us. We really do appreciate it. John HSE Student
fishers, in USA -
Great racing programs. Good to hear about open wheel racing, as it is hard to find down here in nascar country. Keep up the good work. Jack Charleston, SC.
Jack Huffman
Ridgeville, SC USA -
Just heard of your station the other day and found out that you are interviewing Donnie Adams and Donnie Adams Jr.tonight. We will be listening since we follow his racing and we are originally from Alexandria.
Kevin Howerton
Bowling Green, Ky USA -
Just like to say thank you to all of our listeners. It is hard to believe how fast we have grown in such a short period of time. I would also like to thank all of our guests who have come on the show and have helped make it what it is. Also special props to Jeff. Without you idea this would have never gotten off the ground. Then a shout to two other peeps Headro and Moose. Without these two fellas doing their mojo on the board we would not be able to sound as good as we do. Thanks for all the listeners, fans, and guests once again. See you on Wednesday nights @7pm. Right hear on the Monks Media Radio Network.
Chad Orr
Noblesville, IN USA -
Keep up the Great job everyone! Moose, Mary Q, Headro and all the Racing Guys! :) Shows are getting better everyday and week! Thanks for "allowing" Chad and Chris on the air! WOOOOO Racing! GO K&O Motorsports!
Anna Orr
Greenfield, IN USA -
Love this site! Thanks so much for putting it up and keeping up with the community.
Indy, IN USA -
Thank you so much for first doing and then archiving the Survivor Rupert Boneham interview. Being able to hear my favorite pirate for the last 30 minutes was a real treat for me. I'll be back real soon to listening to it again. As Rupe would say ... Arrgggg!
Yorkville, IL USA -
I am a groupie for Dakoda!!
newcastle, USA -
I hope you enjoy our new website and our new Station Format! More Live Programming-More Local and National News- and More of the music you want, when you want it. Please take the time to leave us your comments in this guestbook. As we have always said, "Good Bad or Indifferent-ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME". Also let me know what else you want here on the Monks Media Radio Network-Internet Radio For Your County!
Jeff Monks
Noblesville, IN USA -
what was the right rear tire size??
am enjoying your 2/7/05 mon. nite show right now. very informative wonder how the test was at phoenix? how many races do they expect for 2006?
ipswich , ma USA -
Hi, nice guestbook.
New York, NY USA -
Jay Baker on Monks Media! Thats so cool. Kendall and Baker make quite the team. Really enjoyed listening to the Brownsburg-Anderson game the other night. Very entertaining. Keep it up guys.
Brownsburg, IN USA -
This site rocks! I love it! Now if only our community in Anderson would do the same thing......
Steven Hoskin
Anderson , IN USA -
We love you robs. Don't forget your is Awesome :)
Lindsay & Mandie
Columbia, TN USA -
Less Racing and More REAL Sports...Holla Robby
Murfreesboro, TN USA -
It's great to be a part of the Monks Media Radio Network with our GOTTA RACE 2005 show. We plan on bringing more guest to the show and branch out into webcasting many race events in 2005. We do it for the fans and if any of you have questions please e-mail them to me at Also check out or website as we are part of the site. See you at the races!!! D.O.
Racin' with D.O.
Speedway,, In. USA -
Thought i'd chime in and get my first taste of "Racing Roots". From your friends here at Southwestracer. Tony
Gig Harbor, WA USA -
I enjoy listening to Headro Styles in the afternoon. I can't hear the "We're going to overtime" speech enough. It will truly go down in infamy. MOOSE
Noblesville, IN USA -
Love the station. The basketball coverage has been amazing. Girls basketball on the air! thats amazing. Only monks media could do it. Cant wait for baseball season
Sav McCulley
Brownsburg, IN USA -
Just picked up the link from hosehead's and love the racing show.I wonder if the girls state basketball games will be on here,as I follow the Bishop Luers Knights.Thanks
bob michel
fort wayne, IN USA -
Love this station. So neat! Heard rumors of possible rugby coverage on the brownsburg game tonight! That would be great...keep up the good work.
Dick Birchum
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Hey thanx for playing us. if anyone enjoyed please check out our myspace. you can also download those songs on Thanx!
Ambulance! Ambulance!
Danville, Ca USA -
yeah i agree with that guy below Ambulance is coool!
that band ambulance ambulance you played ruled! play them more!!!!!!!!
I just came across add on for the new Racing Roots radio show. I downloaded the first two episodes and I can not wait to listen to more. I have relocated to Tempe area because of husband and job. I am a true Hoosier at heart and a true Hoosier racing fan as well. I will listen as often as I can. If I miss the show I will download it. Thanks for Monks Media for allowing Chad and Chris to due what they do and it was great to see DO will be on Mondays now as well. Take care and best of luck. Yours truly, Big Hoosier Race Fan... Jenny
Jenny Gaunt
Tempe, AZ USA -
First time listener, Great show, very informitive.
Bob Clauson
Sacramento, Ca USA -
Just wanted to let you know that I am listening and you're doing a great job! Thanks for letting Curt co-host with you! :)
Jen Trout
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Good job! Very nice.
New Palestine, IN USA -
As you can tell we are a big basketball family. Our daughter played high school basketball and now our son is playing for Avon High School. Your broadcasts are wonderful. It is great that we can go back and listen to the games as often as we want to. Actually, I am now listening to the Avon/Plainfield game as I am working on our basketball league this morning.
Thank you for the AWESOME interview with Pam Boas. And a HUGE thanks from a member of Club Smoke for answering my question!!!! Big Hugggs to you Pam and Monks Media!! I will definatly be back to listen to your show.
Kathy Strickland
Juliette, GA USA -
Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the show. Its my first time as a new Tony fan. Its good to hear things about him.
Laura Turner
Asland, Va USA -
Thanks for the great show with Pam Boas! I'll be sure to keep my eye on this site for other shows you will be having. Thanks!
Colleen Marie Lynch
Haverhill, MA USA -
Great site. I will be back often. Also looking forward to the Fantasy racing. Keep up the great work !
John Lucito
Independence, MO USA -
WOW! Week one is over, lets GIR-R-DONE for more "QUICK TIME KARTING" with your host CHRIS WHEELER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Wheeler
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Week 1 in the books, and it's only getting better! Thanks to everyone for checking out the site and for listening. Make sure you also hear the moose call from 9-noon.
Noblesville, IN USA -
Will be a regular visitor here if D.O. Laycock will be hosting a weekly rac ing show as I'm hoping.
Marv Fish
Lawrenceburg, IN USA -
Our family enjoyed the games. I think your website is fantastic. We need something like this in Noblesvil le. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.
Fishers, IN USA -
Thanks for the great coverage of the September 12 Varsity game of team 1 vs. 7. Our son was catcher for team #7 (who is also a receiver for SHS football -- a big thanks for covering our varsity games too!) Your announcer did a great job of covering the game this past Sunday. We will be listening to all the games for MABA team #7 as well as Sheridan varsity football the rest of the season. Many thanks!
Sheridan, IN USA -
Mr. Monks: Thank you very much for taking so much time to talk to the boys from Dens 2 and 7. You and your staff provided a first-class tour of your station. The boys enjoyed watching you work and having the opportunity to get involved themselves. My husband listened to the broadcast and enjoyed hearing the kids over the internet. Thank you, too, for all the goodies. Pack 121 cub scouts will definately remember this scout trip. We can't thank you enough.
Noblesville, IN USA -
Monks Media: Thanks for making your broadcast available over the internet. I'm a 1993 Andrean grad stationed in Alaska with the U.S. Coast Guard. It's a real pleasure to able to listen to the Niners way up here in Alaska.
We would like to compliment your entire staff for putting the Christmas Program for Hinkle Creek Elementary School on the radio---Since w e are 1500 miles away in Phoenix, Arizona, we got to listen to our grandson singing with his first grade class. Our son told us about your website and we were very surprised and pleased to get to listen to his program. Keep up the good work and again thanks for your support.
Phoenix, AZ USA -
Love your racing show~~~it is AWESOME that you are promoting Indiana Karting....because you know BABY this is where it all starts!!
Melanie Johnson
Bargersville, IN USA -
Awesome Website! Easy to navigate and the bright colors just blow me away...Hip Hip Hurray for the Boss "Jeff"!
Sean "The Professor" Cole
Noblesville, IN USA -
Awesome Site! Love the new look! Very professional with a futuristic touch! This station is coming into it's own and with all the great talent and new programming it is sure to grow beyond your wildest dreams. Jeff, I wish you continued success with this endeavor! Your most dedicated listener...Mary Ann
Mary Ann Cole
Noblesville, IN USA -
The new site is kicking. You could not have asked for a better piece of work from Rhapsody Productions. Massive props to those fellas for getting this site done. I hope our listeners feel the same way. Take care and I look forward to watching us grow bigger by the day.
Chad Orr
Greenfield, IN USA -
The new website looks great and I can't wait to hear the new Sports Talk w/ Robby on location. What a wonderful idea to gain publicity send the hottest guy with the greatest voice out to represent the company :) Love Ya Robs
Mrs. Most Obnoxious Voice
Robbyville, IN USA -
Website is awesome! Programs are first class! Listen to you at work and at home!
Greenfield, IN USA -
I think your show is going to be great...I look forward to listening....nice job on the first show!!
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Love the new site. Whoever designed it is a pimp daddy. is on the up and up. Watch out world!
Headro Styles
Noblesville, IN USA -
Jeff you are a webmaster! I didn't think you had it in ya... Great new site and keep up the good work boys, enjoy workin with ya!
Greenwood, IN USA -
Columbus, OH USA -
Nice job of redesign. Looks easy to work your way though and find what you are interested in listening to.. day or night.
Don Kay
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Great new look. Keep up the great work on and off the air. Todd !!_ITS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS_!!
Farmington, MN USA -
This Website looks great. And with more audio clips of me it will sound even better
Most Obnoxious Voice
Any Town, USA -
Jeff, The site looks great.....and you guys are doing a great job as well. The communities should be very greatfull for the coverage you are providing the schools and to other activities and organization as well. I look forward to surfing the site, it's a great start to a New Year.
Sam Kerro
Westfield, IN USA -
Fabulous new website. Easy to navigate and visually light years ahead of the old site. PS, it doesn't sound that bad either!
Rhett Cochran
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Awesome website, Jeff, and congrats on this exciting endeavor. (I always knew you had a face for radio!!) Hugs!
Tracy Magnabosco-Chapman
St. John, IN USA -
Great new look for your website! Much more interesting to surf than previous look. Keep playing those Beatles, TOO!
Jim Wafford
Noblesville, IN USA -
I hope you enjoy our new website and our new Station Format! More Live Programming-More Local and National News- and More of the music you want, when you want it. Please take the time to leave us your comments in this guestbook. As we have always said, "Good Bad or Indifferent-ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME". Also let me know what else you want here on the Monks Media Radio Network-Internet Radio For Your County!
Jeff Monks
Noblesville, IN USA -

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