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As the owner of Monks Media, I have always had a strong desire to cover an extensive amount of local sporting events. Historically, we have hired professional-PAID broadcasters for this programming. This is very expensive, especially considering we really generate no revenue from our station. The Monks Media Radio Network is a Hobby, which has become an obsession! (:

In order to allow more local sporting broadcasts (From Noblesville-Indianapolis area, Hollywood-LA Area, and Forest-Lynchburg, VA Area) near our studio locations, I am proud to present a FREE opportunity to any passionate person in these areas, to become their own local coverage experts.

We will also make FREE airtime available for your youth organization or your Local Church Youth Group to Broadcast to the world!

Contact me via EMAIL and tell me what you want to cover. You will be fully responsible for all aspects of the broadcast schedule, including:

-Securing permissions from schools, Church, organization or leagues
-Providing advance schedule of events to broadcast
-Performing the play by play and when needed, color commentating
-Being a positive role in the events
-Recording, editing, and uploading to our server
-Maintaining a positive image
-Being creative
-Being committed to at least a six month schedule
.....(Consistency is necessary)

Monks Media will provide the equipment needed for recording, the web space and broadcast vehicle for your broadcasts. Are you a part of a High School or Recreational sporting program? This is an awesome opportunity to promote and enhance your program:

Free Of Charge!!!

While we do not anticipate professional broadcaster quality, we fully expect an energetic and positive broadcast. This is for the community and about the kids after all.

No commercial or promotional inclusion is permitted in any broadcast, except on a revenue sharing basis. If you sell sponsorship, you will pay Monks Media 1/2 of the sponsorship amount.

If you do not sell sponsorship: THIS IS 100% FREE!!!
(Hint Hint-KEEP IT FREE)

My goal is to continue our increase in listeners, participation and traffic through my website. I am willing to do this for free, while remote broadcast supplies last. If your club, youth group, sports team, etc., would like to become their own radio broadcast on Indiana's #1 Internet Radio Station, contact me today via EMAIL and describe your group, your goals, your schedule of broadcasts, and the names and contact information for your broadcasters, club officers (athletic directors for High Schools) and your creative ideas.

With school already in session, this is the perfect time to get your group ON-THE-AIR For FREE on Indiana's #1 Internet Radio Broadcasting Network:

The Monks Media Radio Network.


Monks Media Radio Network
44 North 9th Street - Noblesville, IN 46060
Office: 317.776.4127   Fax: 317.776.4128

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