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At The Monks Media Radio Network, it is our #1 goal to assure the best possible coverage and broadcast excellence available for the residents and businesses in the counties we serve. In order to offer the local coverage we have been providing, we are always in need of sponsors and advertisers.

If you spend ANY money on advertising, You need to inquire about our packages, which offer the BEST return and value in advertising in any media!

As an advertiser, you are concerned with repetition of your announcement, which is addressed with the Monks Media advertising plan. Not only do you receive a minimum of two (2) :30-second commercials per broadcast, your advertisement is also imbedded into the On-Demand audio files, which thousands of people download each week to listen to over and over again, as well as share with family and friends. Sponsorships are available for individual broadcasts on a per show, school, team, or sport basis as well as countywide and network wide sponsorships for maximum exposure!

These listeners are your target customers, who not only appreciate the coverage offered by The Monks Media Radio Network, but also realize the sponsors and advertisers make this possible.

Please consider becoming an advertiser or station sponsor to help us continue to provide our community and its residents in a positive light.

Contact us at: 317-776-4127, or email admin@monksmedia.com.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jeffrey Monks
Owner and General Manager

Monks Media Radio Network
44 North 9th Street - Noblesville, IN 46060
Office: 317.565.1392

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